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  • Home Security

    Keep your family safe, stay connected and save energy with a professionally installed security system, 24-hour monitoring and smart home technology.

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  • Business Security

    Safeguard your company’s employees and assets with intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance, access control, smart technology and 24-hour monitoring.

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  • DO-It-Yourself

    Install your own easy-to-use home security system and still rely on A.C. Daughtry’s monitoring services to safeguard your home or small business.

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We're Always Here for You.

Our dedicated team is on call around the clock—always innovating to provide seamless security solutions. We’re proud to be a Honeywell partner, offering you the industry’s most reliable products.

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  • Monitoring

    With our 24-hour alarm monitoring service, security agents are always standing by to alert law enforcement.

  • Services

    We offer installation, inspections, maintenance and testing services so you can trust that your system is reliable.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Use technology to control and monitor your system remotely, connect your thermostat to your alarm setting, and more.

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property management security systems

What to Know About Property Management Security


When you’re put in charge of a property, you have a large number of people counting on you. Property management security is vital to the success of your operation. Choosing the right property management security system will make a big difference. It starts with a proper risk assessment, which will help you evaluate your security […]

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Friendly NJ security expert

When You Should Upgrade Your Security System


Security system technology has improved quite a bit over the past decade. You may be considering a security system upgrade, but you’re not sure if it’s time.  There are many reasons to upgrade your security system. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons you should upgrade your security system for better protection. How […]

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What to Look for When Purchasing a DIY Security System


Did you know the average cost of a home burglary is $2,400 in the United States? If someone breaks into your home, you could be out $2,400 worth of things quickly. Can you afford to lose $2,400? Stats like this one might have you considering purchasing a DIY Security System. Maybe you live on a […]

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Will My Home Security System Work When a Power Outage Strikes?


When you’re dealing with a power outage in New Jersey, many questions probably run through your mind. Maybe you’re not home and you’re wondering if your home security system will work during a power outage.  This is a good question and you should know whether or not your home security system will still protect your […]

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