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    Keep your family safe, stay connected and save energy with a professionally installed security system, 24-hour monitoring and smart home technology.

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    Safeguard your company’s employees and assets with intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance, access control, smart technology and 24-hour monitoring.

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    Control your locks, lights, thermostat and security system with your computer or mobile device.

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Our dedicated team is on call around the clock—always innovating to provide seamless security solutions. We’re proud to be a Honeywell partner, offering you the industry’s most reliable products.

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  • Monitoring

    With our 24-hour alarm monitoring service, security agents are always standing by to alert law enforcement.

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    We offer installation, inspections, maintenance and testing services so you can trust that your system is reliable.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Use technology to control and monitor your system remotely, connect your thermostat to your alarm setting, and more.

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video verification matters for home security

Why Video Verification Matters in Home Security 


As a homeowner, you probably want to make sure you protect both your family and your investment. The right home security system will help to ensure you have the proper level of protection. Video verification is the next big feature in home security giving homeowners another level of protection.  What is Video Verification?  With video […]

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nj security, geo-fencing to monitor teen drivers

Use Geofencing to Keep Drivers Safe


It’s pretty easy to add a home security system and protect your loved ones while they are at home. However, once they leave, you lose those levels of protection. With geofencing, you don’t have to lose the protection and peace of mind you desire. Keeping your family members safe while they are driving has become […]

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5 Top Home Security Trends for 2018 


Every year, the trends in home security tend to change. With new technology, improvements to old technology and homeowners looking for better security, the innovations seem to never cease.   This year is no different. In 2018, there are plenty of new innovations expected to take over the home security space. Many homeowners will find peace […]

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Integrated Security Solutions for the College Campus


Making a college campus safe is vital to the success of the school. The students depend on the administration to keep them safe, especially with the added pressure from the public to strengthen college campus security. Theft, vandalism, rape and many other crimes have happened on college campuses over the years. With the right campus […]

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