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    Keep your family safe, stay connected and save energy with a professionally installed security system, 24-hour monitoring and smart home technology.

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    Safeguard your company’s employees and assets with intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance, access control, smart technology and 24-hour monitoring.

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    Control your locks, lights, thermostat and security system with your computer or mobile device.

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Our dedicated team is on call around the clock—always innovating to provide seamless security solutions. We’re proud to be a Honeywell partner, offering you the industry’s most reliable products.

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  • Monitoring

    With our 24-hour alarm monitoring service, security agents are always standing by to alert law enforcement.

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    We offer installation, inspections, maintenance and testing services so you can trust that your system is reliable.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Use technology to control and monitor your system remotely, connect your thermostat to your alarm setting, and more.

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adding alexa to your new jersey or new york smart homes

Incorporating Alexa into your Smart Home 


In New Jersey and New York, turning your regular home into a smart home means you’ll be able to sell it easier, use it easier and make life easier. With smart home features, you can control everything from a smartphone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are. In addition, you can control your home […]

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skybell door camera, NJ Home Security

Introducing SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


The world is getting smarter and the technology keeps growing. The SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is another advancement in home security. If you want to know who’s at your door before you open it, the peep hole is no longer the way to go. Instead, you need a SkyBell. The SkyBell offers a smart video […]

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How to Outsmart the Burglar


A big part of keeping your Morristown home safe is staying one step ahead of the burglars. Most burglars are very smart and they will find ways to break into your home. However, if you can outsmart the burglars, you can protect your home, your belongings and your family. When  KGW8  asked 86 burglars how they […]

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Why Video Verification Matters in Home Security 


As a homeowner, you probably want to make sure you protect both your family and your investment. The right home security system will help to ensure you have the proper level of protection. Video verification is the next big feature in home security giving homeowners another level of protection.  What is Video Verification?  With video […]

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