Protect your garage from theft

When putting your tools in your garage, paying attention to the guys walking around your home is essential. They could be burglars. They might be after you tools such as miter saw and drill, and they probably know that your garage is not secure enough. They can, therefore, take advantage when there is nobody around the garage.

You might decide to worry about your jewelry getting stolen more than the tools in your garage. However, your garage is one part of your home that is vulnerable as well as lucrative, and one of the main targets for theft. These protective measures will help you reason like a thief and help outsmart them, thus helping prevent garage break-ins.

Installation of motion-activated lights

Most burglars depend on darkness for cover. Night cover and dark shadow created by objects around your garage help create the cover burglars need. Installation of a motion-activated flashlight covers your garage and home, thus preventing thieves from getting into your garage during the night. The Installation of motion light sensors around the garage helps keep the detached garage out of shadows that help create a cover for burglars.

Checking your home landscape

Some more bold looters don’t mind going around your home during the day. They mostly use the cover that your well-placed trees and bush provide around your garage entry points, mostly doors or windows. To help prevent theft in your garage, ensure that your neighbors and those passing near your he can see everything that is happening around your garage.

It can be made possible by clearing away the large trees and bushes around your garage. Clearing trees and bushes make every entry point of your garage clear to see from the street. You can also plant small shrubs with thorns under the ground floor garage, which helps prevent thieves from accessing the garage through the ground floor.

Closing the door of your garage

Closing the door to your garage may seem like a no-brainer to some. However, if you drive through some residential homes, you will likely see some garage doors open with no one around the houses. An open door is a clear invitation for burglars. Closing garage doors can help reduce garage break-ins significantly.

Those who leave their garage doors open should consider installing automatic garage door closers or a garage sensor. The garage sensor tells you when your overhead garage door is closed or open. If anyone opens your door, the door closes automatically after a specific amount of time. If you need to increase your security, consider installing an automatic garage lock since it automatically deadbolts your garage each time you close the garage.

Hide your valuable stuff

Some thieves do not go into the garage blindly for their steal. They scan your home to get clues they need to hit for their payday. Having a window for an uncovered garage shows all the high-value goodies in your garage, which can motivate burglars by giving them a reason to break in. Ensure that you have blinds and curtains if you need extra light in your garage. You can also consider using adhesive materials also to cover your windows.

Use of garage door tilt sensor

The garage door tilt sensor helps enhance intrusion security to the garage structures. It enables you to monitor regularly the opening of doors in your home, thus improving the overall safety of your home. Getting home and finding the main door of your garage open is a sinking feeling since you keep your valuable stuff in the garage. With the garage door sensor, you will know when the door opens since the door sensor sends you alerts from your interactive app.

Rethinking your remote

It is essential to keep the garage door openers safe and far from the reach of thieves. Thieves understand that the garage door opener is just like any other important key, and they will not hesitate to use the remote if they get a hold of it. Treat your opener like any other key and keep it safe.

You can also get yourself the smart garage door opener that allows you to open your garage door from any place with your smartphone. If you are worried about your other family members getting locked out, you can consider leaving one with a trusted friend. It is good to have a friend with your spare key.

Shielding your locks

With the help of YouTube, we can know how it is easy for a burglar who has a coat hanger to open the door of your garage in less than a minute. Cutting your emergency release cord or having a zip tie eliminates the threat. However, this reduces the security of your garage door. There is a better solution, though.

With the use of the garage shield, your garage emergency release cord is covered with it, which makes it impossible for the burglar to break in. The garage shield is easy to install and very affordable. It enhances the security of your garage door and, at the same time, makes sure the release cord is accessible in times of emergencies.

Protecting your service door

The protection of your service door is essential since thieves like side doors. Service doors make it easier for thieves to break in quickly away from your neighbor’s eyes. A standard lock for your service door is not enough since it can be easily be defeated. However, with simple crucial changes, the burglars can be kept out.

You can toughen the security of your service door by installing a deadbolt at the strike plate because it is the weakest point of your door. Consider Replacing the strike plates with reinforced ones to keep them secure. You can also add single-sided deadbolts since their keyhole is inside and a solid plate on the outside; hence they cannot be picked.

Protect the entry door of your New Jersey home

As you reinforce your garage’s security, do not forget the one door that will lead you to the garage. Lock your entry doors always since burglars will still get in even with the best deadbolt or sensor. Secure the entry door with a reinforced strike plate and solid core deadbolts.

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