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Every New Jersey homeowner has a responsibility to protect their home and their loved ones, and to do that effectively; it is important to be aware of the lurking dangers. As much as it is not easy to make your home completely burglar-proof, there is a lot that you can do to minimize the possibility of burglars breaking into your home or harming your loved ones. That is why it will help you to know the possible dangers and the different ways you can greatly reduce the risk.

With proper home protection and precautions, the rate of burglars in the US is dropping, but that should not make you relax and neglect potential burglaries in your neighborhood. The following stats should help you know the common dangers and how you can protect your home from each of them.

Home Burglary

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the number of burglary cases was estimated to be 1401840. That is a 7.6% decrease from the previous year. That resulted in $3.4 billion in property loss in 2017, approximately$2416 per burglary offense. While the burglary rate fell in 2017 from the previous year to 108.4 per 1000 households, down from 118.6 per 100 households the previous year, the loss related to burglary actions is still alarming. It is estimated that at least one burglary activity happens every 22.6 seconds in the US.

In 2019 there was a further decrease to approximately 1117696 total burglaries, a 10% decrease from the previous year. But 16 percent of the total property crime in the US is through burglary activities. That tells you that there is a great need to secure your home to ensure your people and your properties are secure at all times.

Where burglaries happen

According to statistics, it is estimated that 88% of all burglary cases in the United States happen in residential areas. Also, burglars are estimated to break into three in every four houses in the US by the coming 20 years. Also, the property dollar loss per burglary offense is $2251, and in 28 percent of the cases, a household member was present during the action. Furthermore, about 56% of all burglaries involve forceful entry, while 38% are unlawful entry and 7% attempt forceful entry.

In a survey conducted on 422 inmates convicted for burglary, 60 percent agreed that they would choose a different target if they were sure a home had alarm security. In addition, the kind of things the burglars look for in homes varies, including jewelry, electronics, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and more.

Common Avenues of Burglary Activities

Statistics have revealed that 81 percent of all burglary activities occur through the first floor, and 34 percent of intruders use the front door. Only 22 percent use the back door, and 12 percent look for unlocked entrances. That tells you that a simple act of locking your home makes it hard for intruders to access your home. And if you secure your home, you scare away 60 percent of possible burglars.

Security Measures that Can Help Secure Your NJ Home

It is important to monitor your home through a home security system. Also, the following are ways to enhance security in your home and keep the burglars away from your home. By installing an alarm system, you drive away 60% of the people who would otherwise attempt to break into your home.

Lock All the Windows and Doors All the Time

You may feel secure in your neighborhood and be tempted to live with a cracked door, but locking your home is a basic security measure that you should not ignore. It will keep unwanted intruders from targeting your home. Also, it would be best if you did not leave things that may suggest there is no one at home. For instance, you should not let excess mail in your mailbox because burglars may think that the reason why your mail is not attended to is that there is no one at home.

Park Your Car on the Driveway

While there is a car on the driveway intruders will always think there is someone at home and will not attempt to break into the home. Even when going on a trip, you can ask your neighbor to use your driveway as temporary parking while away. But, again, intruders will think you are at home and will not attempt to break into your home.

Watch What You Post on Social Media

While your vacation may be exciting and you want to post the photos on social media, it could also be a way of telling the world that you are away on vacation. So, wait until you get home to post the pictures so that you do not encourage break-ins during your vacation.

Insure Expensive Items and Keep Them Secure

It is important to secure your expensive items by insuring them to ensure they are replaced if stolen. Also, when you are keeping your valuables in your home, think like a burglar. Think of hiding places that can keep burglars from accessing your valuables. Think of the possible ways a burglar can enter your home even when you have locked and think of what else you can do to secure your valuables but never leave them in the open.

Advertise Your Dog

Your dog may be harmless parse, but when you let people know that you have a dog, they will hesitate to enter your premises as they know your dog can tear them up.

Change Locks

Many people continue using locks that they find in their new homes without thinking that the former occupants and the landlord may have spare keys. Every time you get to a new home, the best thing is to change the locks so that they cannot enter your home even if someone has extra keys.

Motion Activated Lights

If you install motion-activated lights, they will shine on the potential intruders, scare them away, and not let people you do not know into your home. Even when you have to let technicians into your home, ensure you see their IDs to know which company they represent. The more people come into your home, the more exposed you are to possible burglar activities.

There are countless ways to secure your home, and you should implement as many of those as possible. These are some of the effective ways that you can implement to keep intruders away from your home to improve your security.

Professional Security Advice

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