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Asset Protection

Use Sensors to Track Your Valuables

Your home security system provides a safety shield around your most valuable possessions, yet you still might want stronger protection. And sometimes, your valued belongings are too large to be locked safely inside your home or garage.

Wireless theft protection sensors can be affixed to the valuables inside and around your home to alert you when someone tries to move them. For vehicles and large equipment, a Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter can be activated when the asset moves. Both types of tracking devices can be tied to your security system, which sends alerts to your computer or mobile device when its alarm is activated.

Honeywell Total Connect® Keeps Track of Your Valuables

A.C. Daughtry is proud to offer Honeywell Total Connect®, a remote service that allows you to receive notifications when your wireless theft protection sensors or GPS transmitters are activated. With Total Connect®, you can use your computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access to get alerts and work with law enforcement to locate your stolen assets.

New Jersey Asset Protection

A.C. Daughtry provides reliable technology that ties into your security system to protect your valued assets. Our security professionals will give you remote access to your asset tracking through Honeywell Total Connect®, along with your other home security or automation needs.

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