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Home Video Surveillance Adds a Layer of Protection

Video surveillance cameras add another layer of protection to your home. Security cameras add another visible deterrent to criminals and a way to capture footage of what’s happening in or around your house. They also allow you to record events at home to monitor children, babysitters or contractors while you’re away.

Home Security Camera Options

Video surveillance products come in a wide variety of options in all shapes and sizes.

Motion-activated cameras start recording only when they detect movement. You can choose from systems with different capacity for storing footage that you can review later.

Certain cameras can stream live video that you can monitor from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Some store video on a secure cloud server so that you do not need a DVR. Others allow you to communicate remotely while checking on the people inside your home when you are away.

Outdoor security cameras also are weather proof, so they stand up to moisture and extreme temperatures. Plus, night vision capability ensures that even footage recorded in darkness captures quality images.

Cameras that are mounted conspicuously can deter criminals, while hidden or disguised cameras allow discreet monitoring. Examples of camera disguises that blend seamlessly with their surroundings include a clock, motion or smoke detector and an exterior dome, among others that allow you to be a “fly on the wall” inside or outside your home.

Stay Totally Connected

A.C. Daughtry is proud to offer interactive services with the leading providers like Honeywell Total Connect® or, to give you a remote monitoring system that allows you to log in to view the images that your security cameras are capturing—giving you a window into your home. Total Connect® and also gives you control of your home security system via your computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.

Enhance Your Home Security With Video Surveillance

Home security cameras add a layer of protection to the intruder detection equipment that arms the perimeter of your house. You can rely on the experts at A.C. Daughtry to recommend and install the equipment that best suits your needs in the most appropriate locations around your home. It’s a no-fuss process with very little disruption, so you can rest assured that your system will be up and running quickly. Even more, our home security experts will hide all wiring so that the area around your alarm stays neat and tidy.

New Jersey Home Security Camera Systems

You don’t need to figure out your home security camera solutions on your own. You can rely on A.C. Daughtry’s experts to help you select the best option and professionally install your video surveillance equipment. If you live in New Jersey, New York City or southern New York State, you can trust A.C. Daughtry’s experts for complete home security solutions. Call us to request an appointment for a free consultation, when we will demonstrate products and answer your questions, or contact us online.