Security System Services

Trust Our Complete Home Security Coverage

Comprehensive protection for your home and your family includes perimeter and interior alarm systems that monitor for intruders, smoke and fire, and environmental risks, such as carbon monoxide, gas leaks and water leaks, as well as options for video surveillance. A.C. Daughtry offers consultation, installation, inspections, repairs and a large selection of reliable equipment with flexible options to give you peace of mind about the safety of your home. Our installed systems support or Honeywell Total Connect®, a remote system that gives you control of your home security system and compatible smart home automation devices.

Fire Alarm Systems

Installing smoke and heat detectors in your home adds layers of protection for your family. A.C. Daughtry’s fire alarm systems report which smoke detector went off and where it is located, making the fire department’s efforts more targeted, efficient and effective. Learn more >>

Home Security Systems

Window and door sensors, garage door sensors, glass break detectors, motion sensors, and easy-to-use control panels provide protection against intruders. Learn more >>

Home Security Service Plans

With A.C. Daughtry’s custom home security service plans, you can trust that your system is covered after the A.C. Daughtry 12-month warranty has expired. Learn more >>

System Repair

Our dedicated, experienced professionals can fix, upgrade and monitor any home security system—even those that we didn’t install—with the superior workmanship and prompt, personalized customer service we’ve been delivering in the tristate area since 1983. Learn more >>

Security Camera Systems

Security cameras can be another visible deterrent to criminals and a way to capture footage of what’s happening in or around your house. Video surveillance products come in a wide variety of options in all shapes and sizes. Learn more >>

Featured Products/Videos

See videos introducing some of our available technologies, and hear testimonials from home security customers who use Total Connect. Learn more >>

Environmental Detection Systems

Alarm systems that warn you at the first sign of carbon monoxide fumes, gas leaks, and water leaks or flooding protect your family from potentially life-threatening risks and prevent extensive, costly damage to your home. Learn more >>