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Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Protect Your Family from an Invisible Threat

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that’s poisonous—and deadly. Vehicles, stoves, grills, furnaces, refrigerators and gas ranges produce carbon monoxide as they burn fuel. If the fumes build up, they can poison the people and animals that inhale them. CO buildup becomes a problem in an enclosed space if appliances are not serviced regularly or vented properly, if pipe joints are not fitted tightly to prevent leaks, or if a vehicle is running in an attached garage.

Detect Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Since people cannot see, smell or taste carbon monoxide fumes, a carbon monoxide alarm that can detect unsafe levels should be installed in the hallway near every sleeping area of the home. As a matter of fact, New Jersey and New York state laws require installation of a carbon monoxide detector in every residence. It must be kept dust-free and uncovered to ensure that it can detect CO in the air.

24-Hour Monitoring for Carbon Monoxide Alarms

A.C. Daughtry’s 24-hour security monitoring is a potentially life-saving service that provides invaluable around-the-clock protection. When your carbon monoxide alarm is activated, an A.C. Daughtry agent notifies local emergency responders, and then calls the people on your emergency contact list to inform them of the potentially dangerous situation in your home.

Carbon monoxide detectors that A.C. Daughtry installs are covered by a 12-month warranty on material and workmanship, and affordable service plans are available to ensure their quality and reliability for years thereafter. Experienced technicians are on call to respond to your service needs.

New Jersey Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services

Protect your family and your pets by ensuring that emergency responders and you are alerted when your carbon monoxide sensor detects unsafe levels of the poisonous gas. If you live in New Jersey, or southern New York State, you can contract with A.C. Daughtry for 24-hour carbon monoxide monitoring by experts in the industry. Call us to request an appointment for a free consultation or contact us online.