AC Daughtry Security Services

24-Hour Security Monitoring

Protect Your Property Around the Clock

Installing a security system is just the first step to protecting your home and your family. Unmonitored alarms have limited effectiveness as there is no guarantee that someone who is equipped to respond will be notified of a security breach.

That’s why all home intrusion detection equipment, such as door and window sensors, motion detectors and glass break sensors that we install are connected to a control panel that communicates to a team that’s ready to react.

Connect Your System to Our Central Station

A.C. Daughtry provides 24-hour home security monitoring by connecting your security system to our state-of-the-art central station that is standing by day in and day out. When an alarm is activated, an A.C. Daughtry agent notifies local police, and then calls the people on your emergency contact list to inform everyone who needs to know that the security system has been activated.

There’s no need to call 911; communication is automatic with 24-hour home security monitoring in place. This potentially life-saving service provides invaluable and reliable protection.

No phone line, no problem. Our systems can use radio-based technology so that you do not need a home telephone line to enjoy the protection of 24-hour monitoring for your alarm system. When an alarm is activated, our central station receives a signal, and our agents respond.

New Jersey Home Security System Monitoring Services

At A.C. Daughtry, we stand behind our services and our products. That’s why every home security system that we install is covered by a 12-month warranty on material and workmanship, and affordable service plans are available to ensure their quality and reliability for years thereafter.

Empower your home intrusion security equipment to offer complete protection. If you live in New Jersey, New York City or southern New York State, you can contract with A.C. Daughtry for 24-hour security monitoring. Call us to request an appointment for a free security consultation or contact us online today.