Home Security Monitoring

Protection for Your Family

A.C. Daughtry provides 24-hour home security monitoring by connecting your home intrusion detection equipment and environmental monitoring tools to our state-of-the-art central station that is standing by around the clock.

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24-Hour Security Monitoring

Connect your door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors and glass break sensors to a control panel that communicates with a team that’s ready to react as soon as a threat is detected. Learn more >>

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Protect your family and your pets by ensuring that emergency responders and you are alerted when your carbon monoxide sensor detects unsafe levels of the poisonous gas. Learn more >>

Gas Leak Detection Monitoring

If there is a gas leak in your home, it is crucial to act quickly to prevent igniting the gas fumes and to stop the leak from emitting more gas into the air. When your natural gas detector is connected to a monitored security system, you can rest assured that emergency responders and you will be notified. Learn more >>

Flood Monitoring

If a leak or flood triggers your water alarm, you don’t need to be nearby to hear it. When your water sensor is connected to 24-hour flood monitoring service, you are alerted to the problem promptly to help prevent costly, messy water damage. Learn more >>

Fire Monitoring

In the case of a fire, saving time saves lives—and could even save your home. Your monitored fire alarm system tells our central station team exactly which smoke detector went off and where it is located, making the fire department’s efforts more targeted, efficient and effective. Learn more >>

Switch Your Monitoring

If you have a security system installed in your home and you contracted with another security company to monitor your alarms, it’s not too late to take advantage of A.C. Daughtry’s expertise and experience. Learn more >>