Home Security

We Offer Both Full-Service, Professionally Installed Home Security Systems & Do-It-Yourself Security Systems. 

DIY Home Security Systems

Our DIY Home Security Systems are a budget friendly option for hands-on customers. Choose from a large selection of professional security equipment with state-of-the-art features to ‘Build-Your-Own” system. Paired with our 24/7 professional monitoring, you get peace of mind at an incredible price. Learn more >> 

Full-Service Home Security Systems, Services and Monitoring

When it comes to your loved ones’ safety and your home’s security, you want the best technology and control to ensure that you feel protected.

That’s where A.C. Daughtry comes in.

We proudly offer sophisticated, flexible options, and professional installation and customer service for all of your security system equipment, monitoring and smart home automation needs. With your local security expert helping to provide a watchful eye over your home, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a solid shield and complete control.

Friendly, professional security system experts in New Jersey

Home Security Monitoring

A.C. Daughtry’s 24-hour security monitoring is a potentially life-saving service that provides invaluable around-the-clock protection. Connecting your security system control panel to our central station alerts our agents when an intrusion, carbon monoxide, gas leak, flood or fire alarm is triggered. Learn more >>

Security System Services

Learn about customizable protection for your home and your family, including options for perimeter and interior alarm systems that monitor for intruders, smoke and fire, and environmental risks. A.C. Daughtry offers consultation, installation, inspections, repairs and a large selection of reliable equipment to put your mind at ease about the safety of your home. Learn more >>

Smart Home Technology

Smart home automation and interactive services with the leading providers like Honeywell Total Connect® or Alarm.com, gives you convenience, efficiency and confidence. Take advantage of home automation to set your preferences for your door locks, lights, thermostat and security system. Even more, you can monitor or change settings from your computer or mobile device, even when you’re away from the house. Learn more >>