Commercial Smart Thermostats

Automated Energy Savings and Facility Comfort

Keeping your building comfortable for employees and guests can be a balancing act, especially when you are concerned about rising energy bills. Smart thermostats are a wise solution for small and large businesses, since they give you advanced seasonal and day-to-day control of your HVAC system. When tied into your NJ security system, these thermostats also help you “green” your business by reducing emissions and energy waste.

Switching to a smart thermostat allows you to control your facility’s temperature remotely via smartphone, tablet, or computer—making it easier to maintain a comfortable climate while maximizing efficiency. In addition, Honeywell studies show that basic energy savings from automated HVAC control can save businesses up to 20% or more on annual heating and cooling costs.

With a wireless smart thermostat, programming options allow you to switch heating and cooling settings based on several criteria, so you don’t need to manually change the temperature control several times per day.

Manage Building Comfort With Honeywell Total Connect® or

A.C. Daughtry is proud to offer interactive services with the leading providers like Honeywell Total Connect® or for remote service that gives you control of your smart thermostat and other features through your commercial security system. It allows seamless automation of lights, locks, and temperatures using your computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access. With Honeywell Total Connect® or, you can manage settings, make temporary adjustments, and more.

New Jersey Smart Thermostats for Business

Using a smart thermostat in your single- or multi-site facility allows for a more comfortable and energy-efficient business. Clients in New Jersey, New York City or southern New York State find that A.C. Daughtry is a wise choice for automating their indoor comfort systems.

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