Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections

Ensure Fire System Compliance and Performance

New Jersey businesses and commercial facility operators know that a state-of-the art fire alarm system is an investment that pays for itself many times over if signs of fire are ever detected. Early warnings from environmental monitors can save lives and property—and assure continued business activity. Likewise, regularly scheduled fire alarm inspections and maintenance are the best ways to make certain that all system components are operating and compliant with the latest NJ and NY code standards.

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections and Confidence Testing from A.C. Daughtry

Although modern fire alarm systems offer unprecedented reliability, facility alterations, accumulated dirt and grime, age, and neglected maintenance can compromise their performance. Common sense, as well as commercial regulations, call for regular inspection and testing of these systems.

When you contract with A.C. Daughtry for fire alarm inspections, our experienced specialists conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your fire alarm system. From factories to warehouses, apartment complexes to standalone stores, the commercial security team at A.C. Daughtry customizes fire alarm inspections and testing schedules to meet the requirements of your business, big or small. For your peace of mind, our personnel are versed in the latest local codes and adhere to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Fire Alarm Inspection Coverage

A.C. Daughtry inspection plans are customized to your facility’s equipment and needs, and cover these areas:

  • System evaluation and inspection per NFPA standards
  • Equipment and monitoring adjustments
  • Thorough record keeping and documentation

Protecting Your Investment, Assuring Your Confidence

Regular fire alarm inspections by the A.C. Daughtry security team keep your business or facility in compliance with local safety codes and improve the security of your organization. Call us today to set up a fire alarm inspection—or use our convenient online contact form.