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Commercial Gas Leak Monitoring

Safeguard Your Business from Environmental Hazards

While the dangers of fire are obvious, gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks are an invisible and often overlooked commercial risk. Natural gas leaks are a major business liability since they silently threaten employees and may cause a facility fire. As part of your total business security solution, A.C. Daughtry installs and maintains sensitive gas detectors that are monitored by our team—24/7.

Customized Carbon Monoxide Systems

Combustion equipment, HVAC systems, vehicles, commercial kitchens and factory equipment may contribute to gas or carbon monoxide leaks in your facility. Unsafe levels of natural gas and carbon monoxide can sneak up on staff members and customers before they realize it, but your leak detector will note the presence of gas and alert our central monitoring station within seconds. Our trained specialists take action before it’s too late: summoning emergency responders and contacting designated staff members.

Benefits of New Jersey Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services

Gas leak detection systems installed by A.C. Daughtry security specialists are covered by our industry-leading 12-month warranty, and include the option of affordable long-term service plans. For businesses that have removed their landline system in favor of VoIP service, precision radio monitoring options are available via our AES Radio Network or cellular networks.

Additional advantages of A.C. Daughtry commercial gas leak monitoring include:

  • Total environmental detection solutions (gas, carbon monoxide, fire and water)
  • Telephone-free monitoring options
  • 24/7 emergency alarm response from trained security agents
  • An experienced team that understands silent gas leak risks
  • Call-free, immediate protection for children, elderly or individuals already disabled by the effects of an unexpected gas emergency

New Jersey Gas Leak Monitoring Services for Business

Gas threats are an avoidable risk for your business when you partner with A.C. Daughtry’s team of full-service security specialists. To request gas leak detection or schedule 24/7 monitoring in New Jersey or southern New York State, call 800.834.1663 now, or fill out our confidential online form and a team member will respond promptly to discuss your commercial security needs.