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Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire and Life Safety for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you are protecting a small business, large-scale facility or expansive land area, you need customized fire alarm systems that are monitored during and after business hours. As a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), A.C. Daughtry installs fire security systems for commercial and industrial properties.

Benefits of Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

In the State of New Jersey, commercial fire alarm systems are required and must be monitored. Some VOIP, cable or FIOS alarm monitoring companies are unable to pair their central monitoring services with your alarm’s digital communicator. That’s not a problem with A.C. Daughtry, since we offer radio monitoring via our AES Radio Network or cellular networks. In today’s increasingly wireless culture, this is an affordable and reliable option for businesses that have discontinued land-based telephone lines in favor of cell phones.

Our radio systems also eliminate “phone line failure calls” and the costs associated with facility phone repairs—and are NFPA and UL-864 approved for commercial fire alarm communication.

There are many other advantages to A.C. Daughtry’s commercial alarm system monitoring:

  • Total environmental detection solutions (fire, smoke and carbon monoxide)
  • Landline and telephone-free monitoring options
  • 24/7 alarm response and emergency assistance from our UL-approved station
  • Experienced agents who understand commercial fire risks
  • Fire code compliance

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Process

When monitored smoke detectors are activated, they set off local sirens and send an immediate signal to our remote central station. There is no need to call 911; your commercial fire alarm system is under the watchful eye of our trained agents, who are available 24 hours a day to respond to alarm activation. In the unfortunate event that a fire occurs at your commercial facility, we are quick to notify fire officials, emergency responders and staff members on your emergency contact list.

New Jersey Fire Alarm Monitoring

A.C. Daughtry smoke detectors are covered by a 12-month warranty for materials and workmanship, and affordable service plans assure their reliability for years to come.

Protecting your employees, assets and NJ business property from the devastating effects of fire or smoke, A.C. Daughtry offers free fire security consultations to discuss system design, installation and monitoring. Start by scheduling an appointment online or dialing 800.834.1663 today.