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In this blog post, we will explore how to keep your parking lot safe. From adding a security camera and installing floodlights to hiring off-duty police officers, there are many ways that you can improve the safety of your property without breaking the bank. Furthermore, these tips will help you reduce crime rates to prevent vandalism on your property. Read on for more details.

Install security cameras

Cameras are an excellent way to help deter theft and vandalism. Keep in mind that certain areas will require a permit before installation, which may cost extra. However, remember that these cameras also provide you with valuable information should you need it later on. 

Furthermore, you can watch what is happening at your parking lot from pretty much anywhere with cameras.

Light up the perimeter

You can add an extra layer of security by lighting the area surrounding your lot. This is especially important if you own a strip mall or a commercial property. Alternatively, floodlights make the site much harder to sneak into and out of, which will help slow down thieves and other criminals. Also, residential properties can benefit from added lighting. 

Call in an off-duty police officer

You should consider hiring an off-duty officer to patrol your parking lot. Besides, police officers are trained in self-defense and will be much more familiar with the tactics used by criminals than security guards or other personnel would be. Furthermore, when you hire a police officer, they will often provide you with expert advice on beefing up security at your property. 

This can be especially useful if they have been patrolling the area for a while, meaning they will be familiar with the local crime rate. For example, if you own a supermarket that has been getting broken into lately. The police officer may advise you to install roll-down doors at your loading bay which is much harder to get through. This will save time, money and ultimately make your lot safer for you, your employees, and your customers. 

Fence it off and gate it up

Yes, this is pretty obvious. However, make sure that you have a fence surrounding the property. Even though fencing up could be one of the more expensive things to do, it will definitely help protect your parking lot from theft.

Another good idea is to install a gate. This way, you can control who enters and exits the lot at all times while also deterring unplanned drive-ins. You will want this, especially if your parking lot is big enough for people to drive their own vehicles through into the inner parts of your property.

Advertise that you have security

This will help to make thieves and other criminals think twice about targeting your parking lot. Ensure that there are signs posted around the area indicating a camera system in place and a guard or off-duty officer patrolling the area. This way, it will be harder for people to sneak in and out.

Be wary of your neighbors

They may not be the nicest people; they could still threaten you and your parking lot security. Besides, if any of your neighbors had previously committed a crime, ensure you keep an eye on them. Also, you can ask your staff or clients to be on the lookout for these individuals and take note if they see anyone suspicious hanging around.

Know how to use your system properly

It can be easy for you and your employees to forget how your security system works. However, when you know how it works, it will be easier for you to notice a problem or an issue with the camera or sensors.

Besides, understanding your system can help you respond swiftly if your alarm goes off or call in a backup to assist in the response. 

Review your video footage

You need to keep an eye on the parking lot and what goes on out there. However, this does not mean that you should watch it 24/7. While it is good to be aware of your property at all times, ensure you maintain a routine to review various footage from your lot. Alternatively, you can have one of your staff do the job while you are on your errands. They can then notify security if they see anything suspicious or notice something that the cameras may not pick up on.

Check the locks

One of the best ways to protect your property is to ensure that you have reliable and robust locks on all doors. This will help prevent breakages and theft from your vehicle or building. 

If you do not want to install your own locks, you can always hire an external contractor to help out with this. Just make sure that they are trustworthy and offer reliable services. 

Take care of your buildings

If you have any buildings around the parking lot, make sure they are well lit and keep an eye on them as well. Thieves often target places with insufficient lighting because it is easier to get away unnoticed. Furthermore, if you have a dumpster, ensure it is locked up. This will help to discourage criminals who are looking for an easy target.

Keep a Close Eye on your staff

Your employees are one of the most important things for you and your business. However, they can also pose a threat to the safety of your parking lot if they do not have the right intentions. Be sure that they receive proper training from experienced security professionals and note if they seem suspicious or act up.

There are so many ways that you can keep your parking lot safe. All it takes is to be aware of what is going on and then take some time to implement these things into your business plan. Simple things such as keeping an eye out and staying alert will go a long way towards protecting yourself from the threat of crime.

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