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It’s pretty standard to have some sort of smoke detector in your home. Whether it was installed by the home builder, put in by the landlord, or you installed it yourself, a smoke alarm is a vital part of keeping your home safe. 

Did you know, you can add monitored smoke detectors to your home’s security system? With a monitored smoke detection service, you’ll be able to better protect your family and your home. There are several great reasons why you should have monitored smoke alarms in your home. 

Home Fire Statistics 

Before we get into some of the practical reasons for adding monitored smoke detectors to your home, let’s look at a few of the home fire statistics across the country. 

These stats may seem rather alarming and they certainly should. It’s not a good idea to have the attitude that it won’t happen to you when it comes to a home fire.  

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How Fast can a Home Fire Can Become Catastrophic? 

A small fire can turn into a major fire in about 30 seconds, according to It only takes minutes for the entire home to be filled with black smoke or the home to be engulfed in flames. 

Fire is hot, dark and deadly. It can become hotter than 600 degrees quickly and it can be very difficult to see through the black smoke. The toxic gasses home fires can create may poison you causing drowsiness and disorientation. In fact, asphyxiation is the main reason people die due to a fire. 

Smoke detectors certainly help, as they can alert you to a fire before it becomes a major issue. However, time is very limited when a fire starts in your home. Saving the house and those inside the home becomes incredibly time-sensitive and every second counts. 

Why You Need a Monitored Smoke Detection System 

Adding fire protection to your home security system just makes sense. Monitored smoke detectors will provide 24/7 protection and you won’t need to worry about calling the fire department is a fire is detected.  

Instead, your smoke detectors will do it for you. When your smoke detectors activate, they will notify a central monitoring station who will dispatch the fire department. Firefighters will already be on their way saving you precious minutes and seconds. 

A monitored smoke detection system may be the difference between everybody getting out safely and someone getting left behind. Your home may be saved instead of fully destroyed due to a monitored smoke detection system.  

With firefighters notified and on the way quickly, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to call them or hoping someone passing by calls the authorities. Simple smoke alarms might make a loud sound, but you still have to find the phone, call the fire department, tell them your address, get them on the way, and figure out how to get out of the house. 

Typically, when a smoke alarm goes off and it’s not a false alarm, the first goal is to get everybody out of the house. By the time everyone is out, it may be too late to save the home. Even if you had enough sense to call 9-1-1 as you were leaving the home, it could be too late. 

When firefighters arrive on the scene, they go to work quickly. Even if they arrive just one minute sooner, it can make a huge difference in getting everyone out safely and keeping the fire from spreading. 

What if You’re Not Even Home? 

The worst-case scenario may be that a fire starts when your entire family is home and nobody even knows. Maybe you’re asleep and the fire alarm doesn’t wake you or it doesn’t wake you in time. While this would certainly be a tragedy and a monitored smoke detection system would help, it’s not the only worst-case scenario where regular smoke alarms really don’t help much. 

If you’re not home and a fire starts due to faulty wiring or any other reason, who’s going to call the fire department? You’ll have to hope a neighbor or a passerby sees your home on fire and makes the call. If not, you could lose your home and all your belongings without any chance of calling the fire department yourself. 

With a monitored smoke detection system, you don’t have to worry. Your smoke detector will alert the authorities even if you’re not there. No longer will you be depending on someone else to notice the fire and call for you, usually when it’s already too late. 

Adding Fire Protection Just Makes Sense 

Whether you already have a home security system or you’re planning to get one, adding fire protection just makes sense. By connecting your smoke detectors to the same monitoring as your home security system, you’ll gain the peace of mind knowing an expert team is standing by 24/7.  

Your home was likely the largest financial transaction of your life. Your family is likely the most important people in your life. Why trust a cheap store-bought fire alarm with no monitoring to protect the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased and the people you love the most? 

You need a monitored smoke detection system to ensure your home, your family, and your pets are all fully protected. Make sure you hire an expert, such as A.C. Daughtry, to install your fire protection system and ensure its properly hooked up to 24/7 monitoring. 

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