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Protecting your NJ, NY or PA home with the right home security system matters. Honeywell Total Connect Video Services offer next-level protection and plenty of features for your home. 

According to an article published on by Paul Davis, “Security cameras, especially when used in conjunction with an integrated security system, not only help police identify criminals after a crime, they also help deter crimes from taking place to begin with.” 

Deterring crime is a huge part of preventing it and security cameras certainly help. However, if someone does decide to break into your home or cause damage to your property, having video evidence makes it far easier for the police to apprehend the person responsible.  

With multiple security camera options offering smart features and HD capabilities, you can set up the perfect home security system with Honeywell Total Connect Video Services. Let’s take a closer look at the camera options and how these security cameras can be implemented into your home security system. 

Next Generation Resideo Total Connect HD Video Cameras 

The Next Generation line of Resideo Total Connect HD Video Cameras offers three options: 

  • IPCAM-WIC2 – HD Wi-Fi Indoor Camera 
  • IPCAM-WIC1 – HD Wi-Fi Indoor Camera 
  • IPCAM-WOC1 – HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera 

Each of these security cameras offers a different set of features for your system.  

The IPCAM-WIC2 provides an HD indoor video camera with the ability to capture up to 1080p video at 30 frames per second. It comes with wide angle viewing and up to four detection zones.  

Not quite as advanced, the IPCAM-WIC1 offers an HD video camera with the ability to capture video up to 7320p at 30 frames per second. This camera also allows for wide-angle viewing and has up to two detection areas. 

The IPCAM-WOC1 provides an HD outdoor camera with the ability to store video events in the cloud automatically for seven or 30 days. This security camera can capture video up to 1080p at 30 frames per section with wide-angle viewing and up to four detection zones. It comes with a weather-resistant design and night vision with up to 65 feet of visibility. 

All three of these cameras come with built-in SD cards to ensure backup storage, along with night vision for low-light environments, flexible mounting options, and digital zoom capabilities. 

Not sure which one is right for your property? Give us a call and speak to an expert – 973.335.3931

Legacy IResideo Total Connect Video Cameras 

The Legacy iP Resideo Total connect Cameras offer two options: the iPCAM-PT2a and the iPCAM-WO. These security cameras are both a part of the Resideo Total Connect Remote Services, which makes it easy to control the automation and security systems within your home.  

The iPCAM-PT2a offers a wired/wireless IP camera with plenty of features and capabilities. Capture video up to 720p at 30 frames per section with the ability to pan and tilt. This security camera is made for indoor use.  

The outdoor option for the Legacy iP Resideo Total Connect Video Cameras is the iPCAM-WO. Capture video up to 480p at 30 frames per second with this camera. It will switch from day to night mode automatically and offers the ability to capture video up to 25 feet at night. 

SkyBell Video Doorbell 

The final choice for your Honeywell Total Connect Video Services is the SkyBell Video Doorbell. This camera is specifically designed for your front door and works with the Resideo Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services app to provide video on your smartphone, iPad, or computer.  

Enjoy features, such as two-way audio, motion sensor ability, full-color night vision, on-demand monitory, silent mode, and more. You can easily communicate with anybody coming to your front door through your smartphone or iPad. In addition, you’ll be alerted anytime someone shows up at your front door with the motion sensor and you will have the option to turn off the indoor chime and notification sounds when sleeping. 

Adding Security Cameras to Your Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Security System 

Security cameras offer the ability to better protect your home by deterring crime. In addition, they provide specific conveniences, such as the ability to let your children in the front door when they arrive home from school, easily accept packages, and more.  

You can stream up to six cameras at one time within this system and individual cameras can even bee streamed in separate windows on your device. In addition, you can store up to 100MB of video or 100 clips of 5 to 10 sections per clip.  

Benefits of Adding Home Security Cameras 

Protecting your home and your family matters. When you add home security cameras to your system, you gain the ability to better protect your home and family by deterring crime. Most criminals don’t want to be caught on video and will avoid homes with video cameras. 

In addition to protecting your home, video cameras make it easier for the police to solve a crime after it happens. Video evidence is very difficult to deny and police can better identify criminals if they were caught on video. 

Along with these two very important benefits, adding home security cameras to your system offers a variety of other benefits including: 

  • More peace of mind 
  • Ability to check in on kids when home without you 
  • Ability to monitor babysitters or other workers within your home 
  • Check-in on pets when left at home alone 
  • Discounts on home insurance 
  • And More! 

Checking in on your children and pets may be one of the biggest benefits of adding home security cameras to your home. You can check in on your children when they arrive home from school and even check in on your pets to see what they are up to when you’re gone. 

Sometimes, just knowing your children and pets are safe can allow you to keep going throughout the day. Parents worry and it can be stressful to leave either pets or kids home without you there. Even with another adult there, video cameras allow you to make sure your children and pets are being properly cared for. 

Honeywell Total Connect Video Services offers you the flexibility to customize your home security system to fit your specific needs. If you want a fully automated smart home or you just want better security at your front door, this system offers just what you’re after. 

Speak to a security expert 973.335.3931 to discuss the best cameras, placement and systems for your property.

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