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Your business could go up in flames, literally, in a matter of minutes. A small flame can turn into a major fire in less than 30 seconds. Without fast response times and giving firefighters the tools they need, you could lose your business to fire. 

One of the tools firefighters need is firefighter radio coverage or Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC). Since firefighters use portable radios to communicate when fighting fire in a building, it’s necessary to give them the coverage they need to do their job. 

According to, inadequate radio communication leads to more than 340 firefighter deaths during 9/11. If the firefighters aren’t safe, they cannot do their job and they won’t be able to perform rescues for those inside or for the building itself. 

Becoming ERRC Compliance is Required 

Codes were updated many years ago making it a requirement for commercial buildings to ensure minimum performance is possible throughout the building. Making your building ERRC compliant requires not only the right system to extend and bolster radio signals, but also the maintenance of that system.  

With the right equipment installed in your building, it’s will be possible for firefighters to easily communicate during a rescue attempt. This improves both the operational effectiveness and the safety of their ability to fight the fire within your building. 

ERRC Compliance Challenges Faced by Businesses 

Codes were updated many years ago, but many buildings all across the country are not fully ERRC compliance. Local organizations and offices have to enforce the code and often don’t. Sometimes, exclusions are made on the local level making change not really possible with the codes. Making things worse, new building technology, such as low emissivity glass, will impair radio communications even more. 

One of the main reasons so many buildings are still not ERRC Complaint is the lack of companies willing and able to install ERRC systems. It’s a complicated job and not something you can really DIY. Instead, you need a licensed professional to install an ERRC system for you and make sure you’re compliant. 

Another reason why these codes have not caused much change is the expense of the system. Many businesses may not be able to afford the ERRC system they need to ensure their building is up to code. However, with changing technology, the right system isn’t nearly as expensive as it once was. In addition, you really cannot afford a fire to break out and firefighters cannot communication while inside your building. 

Introducing the NOTIFIER BDA System by Honeywell 

The NOTIFIER Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) offers an easy solution to make your commercial building save and ERRC compliant. Two types of amplifiers are offered: an Addressable Class B BDA and a Non-Addressable Class B BDA.  

The NOTIFIER Addressable Class B Bi-Directional Amplifiers offers a solution to boost the signal. This BDA is for in-building two-way emergency radio communication enhancement. It comes with a built-in NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panel Addressable Monitor Module, as well. 

This specific BDA offers the ability to boost the signal and provide the necessary coverage inside a tunnel, building, or other structure.  

The Non-Addressable BDA provides the solution for those in need of relay outputs for non-NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panel connection. It will boost the signal and can be used for in-building two-way emergency radio communication enhancement. 

Both NOTIFIER BDA systems provide essentially the same benefits. One works exclusively with NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panels, while the other works with non-NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panels. 

What Could Happen Without the Right System? 

If you don’t have the right ERRC system installed in your commercial building, you could be putting lives at risk. Imagine the basement of your commercial building starts to fill with smoke and someone calls 9-1-1.  

When firefighters arrive, they find multiple people in a corner trying to protect themselves from the smoke. Some of the people found are not conscious. Firefighters need help and radio for backup, but they cannot get a signal in your building. Now, the ceiling begins to collapse and nobody can get out.  

The radio carried by firefighters is their lifeline. It’s how they communicate with crew members outside and with dispatch. When they enter your building, they need to be able to get a signal and communicate. If they can’t, lives may be lost and your building may go up in flames faster than you can possibly imagine.  

Peace of Mind Through Compliance 

With an up-to-date ERRC system, you won’t have to worry. When you become compliant, you’ll gain peace of mind in knowing you’re complying with the law and if a fire happens, firefighters won’t have to worry. 

Fire codes typically require a Bi-Directional Amplification or BDA system to become compliant. Not only will the NOTIFIER BDA system help you become compliant, but it will also help to boost public safety in the process. 

Emergency responders need to be able to communicate. With the NOTIFIER BDA system, you will ensure they can enter your building, during a fire, and get a signal. 

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