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Businesses have to consider taking special measures for security. With this growing concern causing many New Jersey businesses to look for the right equipment, employees, and systems, it’s important to understand the truth about access control

Providing an easy and efficient way for employees and visitors to get in and out of your business matters. With the right access control system, you can hold those entering your business accountable, while making it easy for those with access to get in.  

Access control works by providing you with peace of mind and making it easy for employees and visitors to enter. Companies of larger sizes cannot count on lock-and-key access systems. One lost key could end up causing all kinds of issues. With an access control system, this worry goes away. 

Why New Jersey Businesses Choose Access Control Systems

Access control systems for businesses provide plenty of benefits. The right system, with the proper functionality, will help your New Jersey business run smoothly. Here are a few of the top benefits you will likely gain by using an access control system for your business. 

Know Who’s Entering and Leaving 

The main function of an access control system for any business is to provide a way in and out of the business. When you know who’s coming and who’s leaving, it’s easier to hold employees and visitors accountable if something goes missing.  

No matter your type of business, if you have equipment or products with street value, employee theft could become an issue. Access control helps to keep this under control as you will know when someone has arrived and when they left. 

Restrict Access 

Throughout the day, you may have employees you don’t want coming and going often. Maybe their job doesn’t require them to enter or leave more than a few times. With the right access control system, you can restrict how many times their credentials will work each day. 

This can help to ensure employees are not arriving at a time they shouldn’t be in your business. With limited access, they won’t be able to get in when they shouldn’t be there. 

Avoid the Lost Key Issue 

With a lock-and-key access system, you have to collect keys whenever someone quits or gets fired. In addition, you have to make sure duplicates were not made and you have to deal with the lost key issue. 

One lost key in the wrong hands could grant the wrong person access to your NJ business. With a good access control system, you don’t have to worry. You can easily turn off someone’s access without worry if they have lost their keycard. Even when you let an employee go or they quit, you don’t have to worry as you can simply take away their access. 

Strangers are Tracked 

You won’t have any undetected strangers entering your business with an access control system. If they don’t have granted access, they simply cannot get in. 

A few other benefits of access control include: 

  • Less after-hour shift chaos 
  • Safer for employees 
  • Fewer accidents 
  • Less theft 
  • Better security for sensitive information 

There are several great benefits of an access control system and your New Jersey business can certainly take advantage. With the right system, only those granted access will get in and even when they do, you will be able to know when they entered and when they left. 

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Why Choose the Protector.Net Access Control System

Offering the latest technology, the Protector.Net access control system gives NJ businesses everything they could possibly need. A modern design for the software, along with an intuitive interface, makes this system easy to use and very practical for many types of businesses.  

The Protector.Net system offers a high-performance engine allowing for simultaneous actions and scalability. It’s easy to use and offers more than 40 customizable actions to ensure you can fit the system to best serve your business. The flexibility offered makes it easy to work with even if you don’t know much about programming or scripting. 

Some of the things you can do with the Protector.Net system include: 

  • Track arrival and departure times for employees 
  • Restrict access and the number of times credentials will work on any given day 
  • Add special actions to unlock specific rooms or areas 
  • Alternate schedules for specific doors to accommodate alternating shifts 
  • Open all doors to the public when the first person (usually the owner or manager) arrives for the day 
  • Turn off the lights when the last person has left the business 
  • Take a picture when access is granted 
  • And More! 

With the Protector.Net system, you’ll be able to better serve employees, residents, and visitors within your business. Whether you run a warehouse, a church, or a condo building, adding this access control system will ensure you have better control over who gets into the building. 

Better Security and Safety for All Involved  

Simply put, an access control system offers better security and safety for employees, visitors, and everybody your New Jersey business serves. The right system can better serve a Condo building looking to control those coming into the building. The same system can help a warehouse or factory give access to the right employees, at the right time. 

With a flexible access control system, any business can gain peace of mind, along with saving money in the annual budget. Theft will likely go down, productivity will go up, and nobody involved with your business will need to worry about their security once inside. 

No matter your company or the solution you’re seeking with access control, the Protector.Net system is a great option. With a top-notch access control system, you can do more for your business, your employees, and your customers. 

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Call  973.335.3931 to discuss how a control access security system can benefit your business today.

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