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The common sense things, such as locking your doors and windows are only the start of making your home safer. There are several other great ways to make your home safer, if you want to live without the fear of a break-in, fire, or other catastrophe ruining your life. 

While it may not be the most fun topic, home security is important. Whether you just moved into a new home or you’ve finally decided you want to ensure your family and home remain safe, here are some great tips to help make your home safer for everybody. 

Do More than Just Lock Your Doors 

Locking your doors is only step number one in the process of securing your home. Those doors need more than just the lock they came with. You can reinforce your door with a few easy things, such as: 

  • Installing a Deadbolt 
  • Upgrading to Smart Locks 
  • Adding a Strike Plate 
  • Making Sure Your Mail Slot Cannot be Reached Through 
  • Adding a Video Doorbell 

All of these reinforcement ideas not only make it harder to break in but also help to deter criminals before they even try. Call us to discuss upgrades to your home: 973.335.3931

Add Exterior Lighting 

Burglars and vandals are often seeking a dark area to hide. In fact, they are afraid of the light and you can use this to your advantage. By adding the right exterior lighting, you can make your home safer. 

Whether you choose motion sensor lights or simple outdoor lights, make sure you light up the outside as much as you can. Both the front and back yard need adequate light along pathways, around all doors, and near windows. 

You can use solar-powered lights to save power or motion-activated lights. In addition, you can put your outdoor lights on a timer to ensure you never forget to turn them on when it becomes dark. 

Use Timers Wisely 

Burglars don’t want to break in when you’re home. While outdoor lights on timers will help during the night, they don’t do much during the day. However, you can set up TVs and indoor lights on timers to make it seem like you’re home.  

When a TV is on, most burglars will move on to another house and leave your home along. Statistically, many burglars want to break into your home during the afternoon. They believe you’re at work and your kids are away at school.  

You can use timers on your TV, indoor lights, and radios to fool potential intruders into thinking you’re home. It’s even possible to get a fake TV, which you can use to make your home safer. A fake TV will simulate the lights and colors of a flickering TV to help deter criminals. 

Have a Home Security System Installed 

Burglars tend to choose easy targets. Homes with good home security systems are not as easy to break in compared to a home without.  

It’s best to choose a system installed by a professional, as professional security companies have access to better home security systems than the DIY options. Many of the DIY options have flaws burglars can get past and you may make a mistake when installing it. 

Hiring a professional to handle your home security system installation just makes sense. They will be able to inspect your home for vulnerable areas and will be able to ensure you have great home security when the job is done.  

A report from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology stated that about 60% of convicted burglars said they avoid homes with security systems. With the right home security system, you can improve your chances of the next burglar passing up your home for one without a security system. 

Warning Signs Go a Long Way 

Do you have a Doberman living in your home? Whether you do or you don’t, you can still put up a sign that says “beware of dog”. This type of warning sign tells a burglar they may encounter a dog if they try to break in. That dog could be any size or any breed. 

In addition, you should put up the signs and decals given to you by the home security company you chose Warning signs are a great deterrent and help to ensure burglars know your home isn’t easy to break into.  

Hire a House Sitter 

When you go on vacation, you don’t want to take any chances. Hiring a house sitter will allow you to relax while you’re gone and not worry about your home. Plenty of professional companies provide good house sitters you can hire. 

Whether you hire someone to live in your home while you’re gone or you just hire someone to check in daily, it will go a long way to keeping your house protected. You need to relax and enjoy your vacation. With a good house sitter, you won’t have anything to worry about. 

Get Rid of Hiding Places 

A big part of keeping your home safe is making sure burglars don’t see opportunities. Hiding behind a bush or tree near a window gives a burglar the opportunity to break in undetected. 

Trimming trees and planting the right type of plants makes a difference. Smaller flowers instead of big bushes are a good start. You should also make sure trees are not covering windows or providing a hiding place for someone to get into your window. 

Also, make sure to lock gates and outdoor buildings. Don’t give thieves a reason to be on your property at all and put all pricey outdoor items away, including stools and ladders. 

Add Home Security Cameras 

A huge deterrent for thieves is getting caught on camera. Adding home security cameras to your home security system is a great idea. 

With the right cameras placed at each door and covering the exterior of your home, most burglars won’t even attempt to break in. If they do, you’ll have a better chance of capturing the intruders as they will be caught on cameras. Consider the following when choosing home security cameras: 

  • Motion detection 
  • Weatherproof cases 
  • Wi-Fi capability 
  • Night Vision 
  • Mobile App Friendly 

Avoid putting up fake cameras as many criminals know how to spot fakes compared to the real thing. 

If you want to make your home safer, use these tips to deter and prevent someone from breaking into your home. If you need help implementing security measures, please give us a call 973.335.3931 and one of our security experts will be able to assist you.

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