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add value to NJ home with smart home technology

Adding value to your home should almost always be the goal of a renovation project. However, many homeowners forget to add security when they are renovating or remodeling. There are several home projects allowing you to add both value and security to your home. 

When you want to add security and value to your home, you have to consider the right options. Here are some of the best ways you can add both value and security to your home when remodeling or renovation. 

Smart Home Features are in High Demand by Home Buyers in NJ, PA & NY

The newest generation of home buyers is seeking smart homes more than ever. According to, 38% of millennials have purchased homes with “smart” features or have installed the technology.  

If you’re looking to add value to your home, along with security, smart home features are a great choice. With the right features, you can add the ability to lock or unlock your doors from anywhere; you can automate your lights, and even add noise timers.  

Make sure your system has a battery backup to ensure it will work in the event of a power outage. You should also look into other smart home features that not only add security but also add convenience. According to T3 Sixty, 40% of REALTORS believe smart homes sell faster, which is another way smart features add value and security to your home. 

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Landscaping Adds Curb Appeal and can Improve Security

It may not seem like landscaping would add value to a home or security, but it adds both. When you have the right landscaping done, you add curb appeal to your home. In today’s market, great home pictures make a huge difference in the amount of interest you gain for the property. With the right landscaping, you will have great pictures to show within an online listing when it’s time to sell. 

In addition to adding value, the right landscaping will help to add security, too. You can keep bushes and trees from creating blind spots by trimming them properly and you can even plant specific bushes and shrubs in specific locations to make it harder to access your home. 

By using the right sting roses and blackberry bushes, you can keep criminals from breaking in through windows. They will think twice when they have to climb over a bush filled with thorns to get in. 

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Wireless Home Security System with Cameras 

Adding a wireless home security system will make your home more secure, but it can also help sway a potential buyer to pay a little more for the property. This is especially true if you have a front door camera and other cameras to ensure you can look in on your home anytime you need or want.  

An up-to-date security system is one of the best ways to add security to your home. However, it also has the ability to add value, especially when the system is integrated with fire protection, carbon monoxide detection, and smart home features. 

Along with adding value for anybody thinking about buying your home, you gain the value of a discount on your home owner’s insurance. Often, insurance companies offer up to about a 20% discount if you install a home security system. This can be an incredible value for any homeowner and for any future buyers considering your home. 

Exterior Motion Detection Lights Adds Value and Improves Home Security

A great security feature to add to your home is exterior motion detection lights. While they may not add a ton of value, you do have the option to replace older lights with motion detecting lights.  

This small upgrade can help to enhance the curb appeal of the property giving you both security and value. It may not seem like a big change, but the right motion detecting lights can make a difference. 

Improve Security and Add Home Value by Replacing Doors

The front door, back door, and side or garage doors are the main entry points to your home. Replacing older doors and adding more secure locks will go a very long way to increase the security of the home. New doors can also help add a bit of value to your home in the process. 

Some real estate agents will recommend home sellers replace their front doors to add more curb appeal. However, this doesn’t just apply to the front door since online listings often include pictures taken from just about every angle possible within the home. 

When you choose hardwood or reinforced exterior doors with commercial grade deadbolt locks, you will add a great security feature to your home. You may also want to consider smart locks for the exterior doors to ensure you have full control. 

New Windows Adds Security & Value 

If your home has older windows without working locks, replacing the windows will add both security and value. Newer windows include better locking mechanisms and they are harder to get into compared to older windows, especially older single-pane windows.  

You also have the ability to choose strong sash locks for your windows. This ensures you have one of the most secure window locks on the market making it even harder for a criminal to get in. 

In addition to adding security and value from the simple upgrading of the windows, you will also add value by keeping the home’s energy bills down. Cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter escape through windows and doors, especially if they are older. Upgrading your windows will help solve this issue and make your home more energy efficient. 

Not all home renovation or remodeling projects will add both value and security. However, when you choose the right addition to your home, you have the ability to make it more sell-able and make it more secure. 

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