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As a property manager for commercial properties in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, you have plenty of hats to wear. One of those hats has to do with making sure the properties you manage are fully secured. Whether you’re in charge of business properties or condo buildings, hiring the right security company goes a long way to making your job easier.

When the discussion turns to security, most people think about break-ins and other property crimes. However, security goes much further and includes environmental concerns, fire, and other things that could cause damage to the property or business.

As a property manager, you must take all security concerns seriously. However, you don’t need to become a full-time security consultant to make sure the properties you manage are fully secured. Let’s look at some of the things property managers should know about security.

Understand the Risks

Break-ins happen more often than you might realize. In fact, the 2016 crime statistics report from the FBI showed 412,743 reported burglaries at non-residential properties, which was up 2.6% from the year before.

You may think it won’t happen to you or the properties you manage, but it certainly can. The key for property managers is to be prepared and proactive. There are ways to prevent break-ins and other threats from happening, but you must understand the risks first.

From 2007 to 2011, about 3,300 office property fires happened every year, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. These fires caused about $112 million in damage.

While break-ins are certainly scary, fire is just as scary and another threat you need to be aware of as a property manager. Understanding the risks and the cost of a break-in, fire, or natural disaster is the first step in making sure you can protect all the properties you manage. If you’d like to speak to one of our security experts call at 973.335.3931.

Realize You’re Not a Security Expert

As a property manager, you may be tempted to take on security projects yourself. You may also make the mistake of thinking an existing, outdated system is good enough. When you manage commercial properties, condo buildings, or any other type of property, there’s too much at risk to take chances.

Unless you happen to have a strong background in security, you need an expert to help with securing the properties you manage. A security expert will be able to ensure none of the properties you manage have vulnerabilities. Just installing some off-the-shelf alarm system and a couple of smoke detectors isn’t enough.

As a property manager, stepping aside and letting an expert handle the security of the properties you manage is vital to your success. Not only is it a benefit you can pass along to the property owners, but it will also help protect you and your job.

All the Critical Threats to Your Properties

Understanding the risks is the first step, but truly understanding the potential threats is vital to your success as a property manager. You need to know what could happen in order to prevent it. Commercial properties are at risk of many things including:

  • Environmental Threats – Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Hail, etc.
  • Tenants/Employees of Businesses – Theft, Illegal Operations, Making Property Changes, etc.
  • Vacant Buildings – Pose a risk to vandalism, illegal dumping, drug dealing, and more.
  • Fire – A very costly risk for commercial properties.
  • Theft – Robberies can ruin a business and cause massive damage

There are several threats to the properties you manage and protecting against all possible threats is vital. While security may be thought of as an alarm system and cameras, it should also include sensors for burst pipes, flooding, fire, and more.

How to Protect Commercial Properties

Property managers need to know the risks and threats, but they also need to know how to protect their properties. The first step is to hire a security expert to provide a full risk assessment and threat analysis. Once this is done, property managers should understand the basic tools used to help secure each property.

There are many tools a security professional will use to help ensure every commercial property you manage is fully protected. If you’d like to speak to one of our security experts call us at 973.335.3931.

Installing/Monitoring By a Professional

As a property manager, it shouldn’t become your job to install or monitor the security systems of your properties. Instead, you should be managing the properties and leaving the security to the experts.

A top security company will be able to provide full installation and monitoring for each system. Monitoring should be done 24/7 with the ability to alert the authorities quickly. When fire happens or a break-in is detected, every second counts!

Make sure you choose a security company with the ability to professionally install the right security system, along with full 24/7 monitoring. Anything less simply won’t do for the properties you manage.

It’s not an easy job to be a property manager. You have to wear many hats and perform several different tasks on a day-to-day basis. Security is important, but shouldn’t take over your job. Leave the security of the commercial properties you manage to the experts!

If you’d like to speak to one of our security experts call us at 973.335.3931.

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