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Choosing the right home security system isn’t an easy task. With so many options available, it can become rather confusing. While the number of home security companies available to help with installation and monitoring may be limited, there are certainly plenty of security systems to choose from.

With more than 7 million property crime offenses committed every year, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, you need the right protection. The last thing you want is for a break-in to happen that you could have prevented with a good home security system.

It’s necessary to make the right decision when it comes to choosing your home security system. The wrong decision could leave you vulnerable and could make you feel secure when you’re not. Here are some of the main things you should consider when trying to choose the best home security system for your needs.

Professional Security Monitoring is Necessary

With so many home security systems on the market, you need to be aware of what you’re getting. Without professional monitoring, you’re basically putting a glorified car alarm on your house. A system without monitoring will make noise, but you’re still at the mercy of someone else calling the authorities and a professional criminal will know you don’t have monitoring.

Many off-the-shelf home security systems will offer a smartphone app to alert you if the alarm goes off, but you still have to call the authorities. This seems like a great way to stay connected with your home, and it’s a good feature, but you need more. For full protection, make sure you get a home security system with professional 24/7 monitoring.

When an emergency does happen, whether a break-in, fire, or another emergency, you need the right emergency response team on the way immediately. Every second counts and professional monitoring may be the reason you or someone you love is saved from a fire or another type of emergency.

Levels of Home Security Protection

Another thing to consider when choosing the right home security system is the level of protection you desire. Do you just want to be protected in the event of a break-in or do you want full home and family protection?

While break-ins happen regularly across the country, so do fires. In fact, the fire department responded to a fire every 24 seconds, on average in 2017, according to the Insurance Information Institute. If protecting your home and family from a fire is important, you need to ensure this level of protection is a part of your home security system.

A simple smoke alarm is a good start, but will only alert you of the fire. With a fully-monitored home security system with fire protection, the fire department will be on the way in seconds once the alarm has been tripped.

Home Security & Smart Deterrence

A home security system with smart deterrence will help to deter a crime before it ever happens. This type of system will include security cameras and will help make your home very unattractive to a burglar.

Make sure you choose a system with visible deterrents, such as security cameras, a doorbell camera, window stickers, and a yard sign. You can also include smart lighting into your system to make your home even more unattractive to a criminal.

Proactive Features for the Safety of Your Family

No longer are you stuck with just a home security system capable of alerting you to a break-in or fire. Today’s best systems will even include contact sensors alerting you to your children getting into forbidden areas, such as the garage or tool shed. This can help to protect your children from dangers inside the home and make it easier for you to be the parent you want to be.

Professional Home Security System Installation

While professional monitoring is vital to your home security, so is professional installation. Trying to install a home security system yourself is just asking for a problem, unless you’re a security expert.

Hiring a professional, like ACD Security, to install your home security system will ensure you’re fully protected. Not only will the installation be done correctly, but you will also gain access to the security expertise of the company you hire. They will be able to recommend the right system components to ensure every single inch of your home is fully secured.

Tamper-Resistant Cellular Connection

The hard-wired and even wireless system of the past simply cannot stand up to a home security system with a tamper-resistant cellular connection. When you choose the right home security system, you want to know how it will communicate and send the emergency signals. A system using phone lines or your home’s broadband connection can be vulnerable to an issue during an emergency.

Criminals can simply cut the phone line or cause an interruption in your internet connection. However, if you choose a system with a cellular connection, you won’t need to worry, especially if the system has a battery backup.

Security with Smart Home Features

Maybe you want more than just a security system for your home. If you want a complete smart home setup with built-in security, make sure you choose the right system and have it professionally installed.

Your smart home system may include several additional features, such as:

Choosing a complete smart home system gives you the best of security, fire protection, and convenience within your home.

The right home security system for you may not be exactly the same as the right system for your neighbor. It’s important to take the time to consider what you need and want before making your final decision. Choosing the right home security system means you gain full protection for you and your family. If you’re not sure which system is right for you, call our security experts a call at 973.335.3931 or REQUEST A QUOTE online.

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