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What Kind of Access Control System Will Fit your NJ Business?

Choosing the right access control system for your New Jersey business is very important. There was a time when this type of system was only about allowing facilities to gain control over who entered and who left without the need for keys.  

Today, an access control system offers several other features including the ability to control the movement of assets and people, integrate cameras and use video. In addition, vending systems can be integrated to use the same token or smartcard.  

With the advancements in access control system features, it’s important to consider the right choice for your business. There are several different choices and you must ask the right questions before choosing your access control system. Start by asking the following: 

  • What will you be using the access control system for? 
  • With the functions of the system be managed through a networked system or stand-alone system? 
  • Are you planning to integrate other systems right away or wait until later? 
  • What type of budget are you working with? 

Did you know that internal theft accounts for about 5% of a company’s annual revenue losses? This is according to a report from The Association of Fraud Examiners. Access control systems help to ensure this number is even lower by controlling the access to your business.  If you are interested in an access control system, give our security experts a call at 973.335.3931.

Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to choosing the right access control system for you. 

Figure Out Who Your Stakeholders Are 

Those using the system the most will be the best sources of information when it comes to choosing your system. They will be able to provide valuable information about the functionality that will help with the use of the system you choose.  

The stakeholders may be those that will be integrated into the system, such as your IT department, parking and transportation, security, food services and other departments. After you’ve decided who the stakeholders are, you should form a committee with a representative from each stakeholder and a project manager. This will give you the right team to advise you as you choose the right access control system. 

Choosing the Type of Security Access Card That Best Suits Your NJ Business

You may be upgrading a current access control system to include things, such as IP cameras or the parking and gate control. No matter what you’re doing, choosing the right card matters. 

It’s best to choose a single access control platform early in the process. This could be a proximity reader card, a token, a smart card, a magnetic strip card or one of a few other choices. It’s not a good idea to change this decision in the middle of an access control project, however. 

Gather input from the stakeholders to figure out which card or token fits best with the specific needs of your business. The amount of money you spend on each card should also be considered as employees may not treat the cards with the utmost respect. They may lose them or damage the card, which means you will need to pay for new ones. 

Magnetic cards are rather standard, but a bit outdated, as well. Contactless cards and smart cards make a better choice as they won’t take on the same abuse as a magnetic card. They don’t require a swipe, which makes these cards, along with proximity cards a good choice. 

Get IT Involved 

While access control is often looked at as a security system, it’s also technology. The IT department will likely be one of the main stakeholders in the system and you need to get them heavily involved. They may become the ones ultimately responsible for the system. At the very least, someone on the IT team should be ready to help in the event of an issue. 

In addition, IT needs to be involved so that you can find the right system to best pair with your current IT systems. This will ensure smooth integration and a platform everybody is already familiar with. 

Choosing the Right Access Control Security System for Your NJ Business 

After you’ve gone through the steps above, you’ll be ready to make a sound decision for your new access control system. The Hartmann access control system is one of the leading choices for Global Enterprises and smaller companies. It’s an innovated system offering plenty of flexibility to ensure you get everything you need in an access control system.  

The system allows for unlimited administrators with privileges that can be customized. In addition, you can enjoy unlimited users on your system, unlimited access privilege rules and schedules and the ability for multiple occupants to share the same system backbone.  

Card Access Security Systems for a Small Business in New Jersey

Today’s innovative hardware-based system allows for single or multi-door controllers making it possible to start small and build your system as you see fit. You can start with a simple system with just a single door and a few credentials. Then, as you need, you can grow into a larger system to better protect your business.  

When it comes to access control, your business needs to make the right decision. The wrong system may be more of a hassle than you may imagine and could cost you money and time. Choosing the right access control system for your business will allow you to better protect assets, control the movement of people and assets, along with several other benefits. 

 If you are interested in an access control system, give our security experts a call at 973.335.3931 oREQUEST A QUOTE online.

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