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The right integrated emergency communications help to keep your people safe during an emergency. When you’re dealing with a massive emergency in NJ or elsewhere, you need the right communications in place to keep everybody informed and safe.  

Having the ability to notify people of a potentially life-threatening situation helps to prevent emergencies and may save lives. However, without the right integrated emergency communications system, you won’t be able to provide the information you need. We can help you determine the best system for your situation – call us at 973-335-3931 to speak to a security expert.

Integrated Emergency Communications for Large Campuses in New Jersey

Whether you’re dealing with a large college campus or a large work campus, you need the right integrated emergency communications. Providing live, up-to-the-minute emergency information to everybody across your NJ campus or even to your people in multiple facilities just makes sense during an emergency. NOTIFIER by Honeywell offers a great solution for your mass communication needs.  

Top Benefits of Using an Emergency Notification & Mass Communication System 

NOTIFIER provides an emergency notification and mass communication system perfect for keeping all your people fully informed of what’s going on. When an emergency arises, you need fast, reliable communications for many reasons. Here are a few of the top benefits you gain from using this type of integrated emergency communications system. 

Reduced Response Time 

When you’re using an integrated emergency communication system, you’ll be able to reduce the response time. The ability to quickly communicate on a larger scale with all members or communities impacted by the threat allows for a faster response time. This can save lives and keep injuries to a minimum while minimizing business interruptions. 

Help Protect Employees 

The ability to communicate quickly and easily with employees helps to keep everybody protected. Receiving reliable feedback about the status of your personnel also allows those in charge to focus on assisting those in need much easier.  

Keep Misinformation to a Minimum 

With the ability to communicate with your entire campus quickly, you can keep misinformation from spreading. This helps to deter rumors and keep everybody safe. 

Precise Communication 

The administrator of the system will be able to send a detailed message tailored to the threat at hand.  

Full Compliance 

With the NOTIFIER system, you can achieve full compliance with your organization’s requirements for handling emergency mass notification. 

There are several benefits that come along with this type of integrated emergency communication system. The main benefit is the ability to save lives and keep your people safe. 

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What Your Mass Communication System Needs to Include 

Not all situations are the same, but the ability to communicate on a larger scale during a major threat is vital. With the NOTIFIER’s ECS/MNS solutions, you’ll be able to integrate outdoor and indoor voice evacuation with pre-recorded messages. You can also use live announcements through the system on a local level or across a wider network.  

In addition to the ability to provide announcements, when necessary, you also need the ability to send a text message, SMS, email, use LED signs, use digital display message and even use PC screen messages. The NOTIFIER system includes the Distributed Recipient Mass Notification System, which allows you to get the message out fast through all of these avenues of communication. 

Making sure the right message is received by the right people, at the right time helps to save lives and prevent injuries.  We can help you select, install and test a quality system. Give us a call us at 973-335-3931 to learn more.

When Do You Need Integrated Emergency Communications? 

Depending on the type of business or organization you run, there are several instances when you may need the ability to use mass communications solutions. Anytime there is a massive threat to your business or organization, communications become a high priority. Here’s a look at some of the scenarios when you may need mass communication abilities in New Jersey. 

School Campus Emergencies 

You have students and employees to think about on a school campus. Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes and the Center for Campus Fire Safety has found that 62% of university executives are in favor of a mass notification system on their campus. 

The reason they are in favor of this system is the ability to communicate across the entire campus at once. If a fire breaks out, a natural disaster is headed their way, or another type of emergency happens, administrators can get the word out fast. Through text message, SMS, and other alerts, it’s possible to inform everybody on campus quickly.  

Natural Disaster Emergencies 

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, and other natural disasters can destroy lives. However, the ability to notify those at your business or organization makes it possible to keep everybody safe. When a natural disaster arises, an evacuation may follow. Getting the word out is vital to keep everybody safe. 

With integrated emergency communications, you’ll have multiple ways to get the message out. Play a pre-recorded evacuation message as an announcement and send out a full alert via text, SMS, and other forms of communication. Even social media can help save lives when used as a mass communication system, such as how it helped during Hurricane Harvey in Houston. 

Shootings/Terror Attacks 

In today’s world, mass shootings and terror attack threats are all too real. Your business, school, church, or another type of organization could be impacted and every second counts. With the right mass communication system, you can inform everybody quickly and get the system under control as quickly as possible. 

Whether you’re in charge of a school campus or a large business, you want to make sure those not near where the attack is happening stay away. You also want to get the word out to those in the line of fire as quickly as possible so they can seek a safe place to hide.  

There are several instances where integrated emergency communications play a role in saving lives and reducing injuries. Without the right system in place, you could be in a panic when an emergency arises. Make sure you have a quality mass communication system in place before an emergency happens. 

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