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Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology SWIFT NJ

Before you look at how SWIFT or Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology will benefit you, it’s important to understand what this type of technology offers.  

Fire is a very dangerous thing and has the ability to engulf an entire building in seconds. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 3,400 people died due to fires in 2017. This is an alarming statistic and with SWIFT, you can protect your business and employees from becoming a part of this stat. 

What is SWIFT? 

Understanding what Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology is will help you better understand how it will benefit your business. This type of fire protection is a Class A commercial wireless system using a robust mesh network integrated into the ONYX intelligent fire system.  

The SWIFT system offers a fire protection and detection system filling in the gaps of a traditional wired system. It offers several benefits and provides one of the most advanced types of fire detection and protection found on the market today. 

Benefits of Using SWIFT for Fire Protection 

SWIFT offers many benefits for New Jersey businesses. Whether you run a large commercial outfit or a smaller business, protecting your livelihood and the livelihood of your employees from destruction due to fire is vital to your survival. Here’s a look at the main benefits of using SWIFT for your fire protection technology, and if you have any questions you’re welcome to give us a call and one of our security experts will be happy to answer all your questions: 973-335-3931.

SWIFT Integration 

The ability for SWIFT to integrate with ONYX panels makes it an incredible system perfect for any business. This integration allows a wireless SWIFT gateway to connecting a loop with a current ONYX system.  

You can modify the system for additional wireless devices including four gateways within the same radio space. The ONYX system allows for full individual programming and control. 

Since SWIFT can be integrated with ONYX, it’s easy to use detectors supporting all the necessary ONXX features of intelligent sensing. This means you’ll be able to set pre-alarms, use the adjustable alarm, and even use the cooperative detection options.  

Even in older buildings, SWIFT can be used to retrofit existing systems. It’s great for churches, schools, historic sites, and converted structures, such as warehouses turned into residential condos. SWIFT allows you to bring these older buildings up to code without destroying anything to add wires. 

Flexibility of SWIFT 

The fact that SWIFT is a wireless system means users get a ton of flexibility with the system. It’s easy to add or subtract from the system as necessary since there are no wires. In addition, this leads to faster installation, better aesthetics, and less impact on the actual structure the system is installed within.  

In addition, you can use SWIFT devices with a traditionally wired device and connect both to the same Fire Alarm Control Panel.  

SWIFT is Cost-Effective 

Compared to running wires and conduits throughout a wired system, SWIFT offers a more cost-effective solution. Adding conduits, wires, and the other necessities for a wired smoke detector system can become rather expensive quickly. 

Reliability of SWIFT 

One of the main reasons SWIFT was created was to provide a more reliable fire detection system. This new technology offers redundant communication paths allowing data to reach the fire alarm control panel, no matter the situation. Signal strength is ensured to be very strong by the technician installing the system, as well. 

Those seeking the maximum reliability in a fire detection system want SWIFT. This technology is the most reliable on the market when properly installed. This robust system includes tools to pre-qualify a site to ensure the signal strength of every link will be well above the minimum necessary to make the system work properly.  

If you have any question about SWIFT or fire protection for your business, please give us a call at 973-335-3931!

Reasons to Choose SWIFT for Your Fire Protection 

There are several reasons to choose SWIFT when considering your options for fire protection. It’s important to ensure you’re up to code and your building is fully protected. Whether you’re working on protecting a historic building or a brand new commercial building, SWIFT provides the right choice. 

Some of the best reasons to choose the SWIFT wireless fire protection system include: 

  • Cost-Effectiveness 
  • Historical integration
  • Ability to Retrofit 
  • Short deadline to meet 
  • Hard to Reach areas with a wired system 
  • The building is hard to wire 
  • Ability to maintain building aesthetics 
  • Temporary protection needed 

There are several other reasons to choose SWIFT for your fire protection. When you choose SWIFT, you gain several benefits for any type of commercial building or another type of structure you need to protect. 

As you weigh your fire protection options, consider the advanced technology found within the SWIFT system. The ability to integrate this system, the cost-effectiveness and the reliability all provide incredible benefits you simply cannot get from another commercial fire protection system.  

Considering the fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States, it’s important to ensure you’re protected. Make sure you have the right technology, the best fire protection, and the right company to install it for you. With a properly installed SWIFT system, you will have the very best fire detection and protection on the market. Give us a call to learn more: 973-335-3931.


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