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Choosing your security system isn’t easy. A big part of the security of any NJ business is the access control system, however. This system is necessary to limit who can gain access to specific areas of your business. Whether it’s used to protect your entire business, a server room or another “restricted” area, you need the right access control system.

Of course, choosing the perfect access control system for your business isn’t the only decision. You also need to choose the hosting method. The three main choices for New Jersey businesses include hosted, managed and premise-based access control. Let’s look at these three choices, and a few others to figure out which might be the right access control hosting method for you and your NJ business.

Hosted Access Control

With hosted access control, the data for your system will be stored on remote servers. Users are assigned to the system and can log in to manage everything from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. This type of access control system will still put your IT department in charge of managing and handling all the responsibilities of the system.

Managed Access Control

With a managed access control system, the data is still stored on remote servers. However, instead of having your IT department manage the system, you pay a fee to have the access control provider manage your system. They will hand the responsibilities and day-to-day operations of the system, which means your IT department doesn’t have to deal with it.

Premise-Based Access Control

A premise-based access control system includes all the equipment held within your company. You will supply the servers and computer necessary for the system. In addition, your IT department will manage everything in-house. With this type of system, companies sometimes sign up for an annual service and maintenance contract, even though the equipment is held in-house.

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Even More Hosting Options for Access Control Systems

Within these three categories, there are several versions of hosting for access control systems. You may hear terms, such as cloud-based, mobile or smart-phone based or even IoT based access control systems.

A cloud-based access control system means your data will be stored in the cloud. The cloud is simply a remote servers hosted by a service provider. This does mean you will be able to access permissions without needing to store your system on a local server. You will have the ability to fully access and manage your system for anywhere with an internet connection, if you choose a cloud-based access control system.

A mobile or smartphone based access control system gives you the ability to access your system from a smartphone or mobile device. In addition, this type of system eliminates the need for ID cards or keyfobs. Instead, everybody assigned to the system will hold their phone up to a NFC or Bluetooth reader to unlock doors.

An IoT access control system means the access control readers are actually connected to the internet. They include firmware that can be updated often for security reasons or to increase functionality.

Choosing the Right Access Control Hosting

The choice for your access control hosting greatly depends on your budget and what you want to handle yourself. While premise-based access control may give you the feeling of being in control, it could also mean you’re IT department has more duties and responsibilities. If your IT department consists of one or two employees, a premise-based system may not be the right option for you.

Choosing a hosted access control system means you won’t have to invest in servers or other equipment to host the system yourself. Instead, you will pay a service provider to host the system, which can save you money when it comes to the upfront costs.

If you go with the managed access control system, you’ll gain a system you don’t have to do much of anything with. Instead of managing and hosting the system yourself, you will turn this over to a service provider employing experts in the field of access control and IT. Depending on the service provider you choose, this may be the most secure of the three options.

When comparing hosted and managed access control to premise-based solutions, the main benefit is the cost savings. However, there are several other benefits, such as the ease you’ll gain in running reports and the convenience you’ll gain if you have multiple locations.

Taking this a step further, a managed access control system offers even more benefits. It provides you with the ability to use your resources for something else instead of focusing employee time on managing the access control system.

Choosing the right type of hosting for your access control system is very important in New Jersey. You need to be aware of your options and weigh each choice before making the final decision.

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