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Putting up a smoke alarm is only a start. If you don’t choose the right smoke alarm, you may not have the protection you need or think you have. There are several types of fire alarm systems available on the market today, but everybody should have an intelligent fire alarm system.

An intelligent fire alarm system gives you the full protection of incredible speed, reliability, and stability. It’s by far the best fire alarm system for any business you will find in New Jersey. If you want true peace of mind, this is the system you need.

Top 4 Reasons Why an Intelligent Fire Alarm System is Better for New Jersey Businesses

There are many great reasons why an intelligent fire alarm system is better than the alternatives. Here’s a look at the four main reasons.

Incredible Speed

The detection on an intelligent fire alarm system, such as the Notifier’s 951 Series is much faster than your standard fire alarm or smoke detector. These smoke detectors can be programmed to be as sensitive as necessary. They offer low standby current and dual LEDs for a full 360-degree view.

In addition, the 951 Series offers Thermal Detectors with integral communications, which will surpass any conventional device. The thermal detectors also offer great speed with the ability to detect thermal smoke with point ID capability.

If you run a NJ business with server rooms, clean rooms, equipment rooms, record storage rooms or data centers, you need an intelligent fire alarm system with the right components. The 951 series smoke and thermal detectors could save your business and will certainly give you the ability to save what’s in the room before it’s completely destroyed.

Integration of Gas and Flame Detection

When speaking about a fire alarm, most are actually referring to a smoke alarm. Most systems only detect smoke as a sign of fire. However, with the right intelligent fire alarm system, you will have fully integrated gas and flame detection.

Wherever there is a place people gather indoors or outdoors, there’s a potential risk of exposure to flammable gases or toxic fumes. This could be in a shopping center, swimming pool, warehouse, school, dormitory, office building or anywhere else. It’s important to have the full protection necessary to comply with local, New Jersey state and federal legal requirements for gas monitoring and to protect those in the building. With a fully integrated gas detection system, your intelligent fire alarm system will provide complete peace of mind.

Minimized Nuisance Alarms

When you choose an intelligent fire alarm system with the right technology, you won’t have to worry about nuisance alarms. Instead, you will have a system with the ability to evaluate sensor readings from as many as three adjacent smoke sensors to ensure the smoke pattern makes sense with a fire. The system will then relay the data to the panel and quickly determine the differences between a fire emergency and a nuisance condition.

The NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm system provides the exact technology with its cooperative sensing technology. You’ll have a system able to detect real fire emergencies without the annoying nuisance alarms going off constantly.

Customize Your Protection

Another reason why an intelligent fire alarm system makes sense for your business is the ability you gain to customize the sensitivity of the detector to fit the environment of your workplace. Whether its day or night, you can have pre-selected settings go into effect to ensure you have the right level of protection.

With the 951 Series Detectors, you gain customizable protection from the control panel software. This makes it possible to have a higher level of protection when nobody is in the building and a lower level when there’s more of a chance of a false alarm. Give us a call to learn more: 973-335-3931.

Why NJ Businesses Need The Best Fire Protection

Did you know, a fire can spread so fast that it can completely engulf a two-story building in about 4:30 minutes? That doesn’t give emergency response teams very long to show up on the scene and save the building. When seconds matter, you don’t want a fire alarm system that doesn’t save you time at all.

With the right intelligent fire alarm system, you will save time, which can be put to good use by the emergency response team. Not only will the speed be far better than a typical alarm system, but you will also have smoke sensors that will learn their environment.

The last thing you need is to become known as the business with the false alarms. Not only do they make the fire department responding stop taking your alarms as serious, but they can also lead to costly fines. Since smoke detectors within an intelligent fire alarm system can learn their environment, they can easily keep the nuisance alarms down to the very minimum, if not zero.

With the speed and accuracy provided by an intelligent fire alarm system, there really isn’t a better choice for New Jersey businesses.

Everything Else You Own is “Smart” Why Not Your Fire Alarm?

We own smartphones, tablets, appliances, and even cars these days, but you’re still using a standard smoke alarm. Maybe it’s a little bit better and you have it hooked into a central monitoring system. However, if you don’t have an intelligent fire alarm system, you don’t have the smartest device for fire detection on the market.

Why chance it with something less? Choosing an intelligent fire alarm system means you’ll have full protection from a system built for speed, accuracy and so much more. Integrate the right features into the system, such as a sprinkler system and you’ll have such good protection you may never lose anything to a fire again.

New Jersey businesses in need of the very best fire protection will find that intelligent fire alarm systems are the only choice. With the built-in ability to customize the sensors to fit the room they are protecting, you don’t have to worry anymore. Choose the NOTIFIER ONYX Series fire alarm system and you’ll have everything you need.

This specific intelligent fire alarm system gives you the option to use high sensitivity laser detectors combined with aspirating smoke detectors and self-optimizing detectors to cover a broad spectrum of areas within your business. Protect your server room, along with your office space and even a warehouse with smoke detectors capable of learning their environment.

If you want the best protection for your business, an intelligent fire alarm system is the right choice.

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