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A big part of keeping your Morristown home safe is staying one step ahead of the burglars. Most burglars are very smart and they will find ways to break into your home. However, if you can outsmart the burglars, you can protect your home, your belongings and your family.

When  KGW8  asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes, most said they went in through an unlocked door or window. Some said they kicked in a door because it was not as loud as breaking a window or as dangerous. Every single one of them also stated they knocked on the front door before breaking in.

According to an article from FashionBeans, certain things make your home a target for burglars including:

  • An empty house during the day
  • Unlocked doors or windows
  • Mail piling up while on vacation
  • An easy to access backyard
  • A window with an air conditioning unit in it

In addition, this same article pointed out that the U.S. Department of Justice has shown than 66% of burglaries are committed by someone you know.

After reading these statistics, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to outsmart the burglar if you want to keep your home, your things and your family safe in Morristown, NJ. Here’s how you can protect your home from being broken into. If you have any questions about the security of your home, call us at  973-335-3931.

New Jersey, Start with the Obvious

Locking all your doors and windows when you leave your house is vital, no matter what NJ town you live in. With most break-ins happening through an open or unlocked door or window, it’s necessary to keep these entry points closed and locked. If you struggle to remember to do this, you can have smart locks installed allowing you to simply check an app on your phone and lock any doors or windows you may have forgotten about.

New Jersey is known as the “Garden State”, but be aware – your landscaping may be attractive for burglars, as well. If it’s designed where it can easily allow someone to hide behind a large bush or tree, you could be a target. In addition, you should always keep your trash out of plain sight. Burglars use your trash cans to figure out what you may own. For example, if you recently purchased a large TV and the box is out by the trash on display, burglars know what they are going to steal from you.

Are you Being Targeted?

One of the best ways to outsmart a burglar is to understand if you’re being targeted. If you start to notice odd people or vehicles around your home, you could be targeted. Look for people loitering with no good reason to be there or vehicles that park near your home and don’t move for hours. Don’t be afraid to call the non-emergency number of your local police department if you spot odd vehicles or people in your neighborhood.

Another sign you could be a target of a burglar is a request out of the blue for handy work or something else. If someone comes to your door with a work-related offer that seems way too good, it’s best to pass or at least research the person/company first.

What a Burglar May be Looking for Inside Your Home?

Outsmarting a burglar doesn’t end with preventing them from getting inside your home. Once inside, you should be aware of what they are after. Many will peep in through your windows when you are not home to see what you have first. If you’re concerned your house may be targeted, please give us a call  973-335-3931 to discuss affordable security options for your home.

Some of the items burglars look for include:

  • Anything identity related
  • Home goods
  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Prescription drugs
  • Liquor
  • Firearms
  • Tools
  • Electronics

Most burglars want to get in and out very fast, so they will target small items they can easily carry. They will go after anything of value they can easily sell for cash. In addition, if you leave out something with your personal information on it, they will likely swipe it so they can later steal your identity.

Be aware of what a burglar may go after. Keep your firearms and tools locked up, along with any expensive jeweler and even your prescription drugs are best kept under lock and key. If you have a highly expensive bottle of liquor, it should be kept hidden and out of plain sight.

Most importantly, anything with your personal information on it should not be left out. It should either be locked up or at least put away in a drawer where it’s not easily available.

When a burglar peeps into your windows and doesn’t easily see things he/she could steal, they may just skip your house altogether.

A Few Easy Ways to Prevent Burglary in Morristown, NJ

While you can spend all day outsmarting a burglar in some ways, the best thing you can do is take measures to prevent burglary in the first place. Some of the best ways to prevent a break-in from ever happening to your Morristown home include:

  • Starting a neighborhood watch system
  • Installing a security system with cameras and monitoring
  • Keep your vacation off social media until you’re home
  • Get smart locks for your doors and windows
  • Make your home looked lived in 24/7
  • Use privacy film on windows
  • Close your blinds
  • Install motion sensitive lights
  • Get a front door camera and don’t open the door for strangers
  • Get a dog

The combination of a quality security system with cameras and a dog may be the best way to prevent a burglary from happening within your home. In the article from KGW8, burglar had mixed opinions about home security sines and some said they could disable certain types of alarms. Most said a big dog would scare them away, as well.

When you choose a home security system, make sure you get one with the latest technology. Have it installed by an expert and make sure it has monitoring. The best home security systems will outsmart burglars as they won’t be able to get around them or disable them.

The same article also stated that most burglars surveyed said security cameras were a deterrent and if an alarm went off, they would leave immediately.

Protecting your home, belongings and family is very important. Make sure you have the right New Jersey home security system for your house and make sure you use the information to help you outsmart the burglars.

The security experts at A.C Daughtry Security can help. Call us to learn more 973-335-3931.

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