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The world is getting smarter and the technology keeps growing. The SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is another advancement in home security. If you want to know who’s at your door before you open it, the peep hole is no longer the way to go. Instead, you need a SkyBell.

The SkyBell offers a smart video doorbell allowing you to not only see who’s at the door, but you can actually hear them and speak to them from work, inside your home or while you’re out and about. Parents can finally feel at ease when they leave their kids home alone because they have to work. According to an article on USA Today, crime actually drops when you install a video doorbell.

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Home Security and So Much More

The SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is a great choice for your home security. However, this smart device offers far more than just a home security device. The SkyBell also offers a great choice for those with mobility issues, those traveling often or simply for those that receive packages regularly. It’s great for security, but it goes far beyond just providing better home security.

Features of the SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The SkyBell offers a number of great features to make your life easier including:

  • HD Video
  • Live Monitoring
  • Motion Sensor
  • Color Night Vision
  • Hear & Speak
  • Free Video Recording
  • And More!

You gain full control from the SkyBell and the convenience offered makes this device a must for your home. Whether you’re not at home or you just want to be able to see whose there before you answer the door, this device is the way to do it.

Why the SkyBell Works to Deter Criminals

Did you know that data suggests those looking to rob your home will actually ring your doorbell to see if you’re at home or if you’re away? Without the SkyBell video doorbell, you won’t be able to answer them, if you are away. However, if they ring your SkyBell, you can speak directly to them and tell them you’re inside the home.

The SkyBell offers a higher level of security because of the remote monitoring, as well. You’ll be able to see and capture video of the person. This means you can tell them, if you don’t recognized the person, that they are on video. Often, this is enough to send a criminal running and if they do decide to break in, anyway, you’ll have recorded video of them to give the police.

Living a Worry-Free Life

The SkyBell Video Doorbell offers a way to finally live a worry-free life. Whether you’re at home, work or running errands, you will know who’s at your door anytime they ring the bell. In addition, if you combine this wonderful doorbell with a full smart home security system, you can unlock the doors for your children when they come home from school. Then, you’ll be able to lock the door behind them once they’ve made it inside the home.

No longer do you have to worry about your children carrying around a key to your home. Kids lose keys all the time and it can cause you all types of inconvenience. With the right smart system including a SkyBell, your kids can say “hi” to you when they arrive home and you get to unlock the door for them. Call us at to learn more  973-335-3931 

How the SkyBell Works

Simply have the SkyBell installed as a part of your smart home security system and download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Once it’s installed and you have the app downloaded, the SkyBell will do the rest. When someone presses the doorbell, it will send a live feed alert to your smartphone or tablet.

You’ll be able to see who’s at the door and you’ll be able to communicate with them. They can hear you and you can hear them through the app. The app is free and worked on most iOS and Android devices.

When you include the SkyBell as a part of a full smart home security system, you will also be able to unlock the door for those you want to let in. This can be done from your smart device, as well.

The SkyBell offers 1080p HD and 5x zoom to give you excellent video of anybody coming to your door. It also offers live monitoring, which allows you to start the video from the app anytime you want, even if the visitor hasn’t pressed the doorbell. Check in on your home anytime you want.

The SkyBell Video Doorbell also offers motion sensor alerts when a visitor shows up, even if they don’t press the button. You don’t have to worry about criminals learning how to get around this device because it will sense their motion, even if they never ring the doorbell. When motion is sensed by the SkyBell, you’ll get an alert on your device.

If you want both parents to be able to receive alerts and answer the door, you can add multiple users to the device. This makes it easy for dad to let in the kids if mom is busy at work or in the middle of running errands. With the ability to add multiple users, you get even better convenience from the SkyBell.

Additional Features Making the SkyBell the Perfect Choice

Along with all the basic and advanced features you gain from adding a SkyBell to your security system, there are several additional features making this the right video doorbell for your needs.

The SkyBell is very rugged and works in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degrees F. It also offers Color Night Vision, which means you can see your visitors at night in full HD video and in full color. You can snap pictures with the touch of a button and you can even put the doorbell in quiet mode to ensure you don’t wake the baby when someone shows up.

SkyBell even offers a theft guarantee. If your SkyBell is ever stolen, it will be replaced free of charge.

Home security is vital to your peace of mind. Having a full smart system built into your home security just makes sense today. Adding a SkyBell HD Video Doorbell to the system will just add to your peace of mind. If you want to see who’s at the door and have full control of your entryway, you need a SkyBell. Call us to get started 973-335-3931.

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