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video verification matters for home security

As a homeowner, you probably want to make sure you protect both your family and your investment. The right home security system will help to ensure you have the proper level of protection. Video verification is the next big feature in home security giving homeowners another level of protection. 

What is Video Verification? 

With video alarm verification or VAV, the central station operators for your home security system have the ability to make better, faster decisions when an alarm is triggered. This means they can better ensure the right emergency response personnel are on the way fast.  

When motion is detected, the video will automatically be viewable by the central monitoring team. This means, they can see what’s on and make sure to respond accordingly. When connected with the Honeywell Total Connect system, video verification makes your home security a powerful tool for protecting your home. Call us to learn more 973.335.3931

Benefits of Video Verification for the Homeowner 

As a homeowner, you need the right level of protection. Video verification offers the ability to do more with your home security system than before. Alarm events can be tied to video clips and live video to ensure the central monitoring team has better, more accurate information about the situation at hand.  

When an alarm has been triggered, the operator at the central monitoring location has the ability to go back in time and see the video of right before the alarm was triggered. They will be able to see if it was a false alarm or if something is going on requiring emergency personnel. This allows for a faster, more accurate response and takes the guesswork out of all the triggered alarms. 

The HRGX DVR is the newest option and offers the ability to connect directly with I-View. This makes the Honeywell system even better by offering video verification with the ability to give you the peace of mind you desire as a homeowner.  

Ensure the Police are on the Way 

Did you know that more than 90% of dispatched calls coming from security systems are false alarms? This has led to a huge problem as police simply don’t respond, especially if your address has a history of false alarms.  

However, when you add in video verification, the police will respond and they will respond as fast as possible. The central monitoring team has the ability to let police know exactly what happened and what’s going on currently, due to the video feed they receive. 

By adding video verification to your home security system, you gain many benefits including: 

  • Elimination of any false alarms 
  • Faster response times in the event of an emergency 

No need to pay high fines for false alarms 

Video makes a huge difference and with video verification, you’ll be able to give your home and your family the protection they desire. Nothing provides better proof than actually capturing what happened on video. Call today for details:  973.335.3931

Benefits of a Home Security System 

When you decide to have a home security system installed, you gain many benefits including: 

  • Ability to Protect Valuables 
  • Helps to Deter Grime 
  • Gain Remote Access with a Smart Home System 
  • Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance 
  • Allows you to Look in on Your Children and Pets 
  • Ability to Protect from Fire and Carbon Monoxide 

All of these benefits are great and become even better when you add video to your home security system. Adding even just a front door camera, allows you to see who’s at the door before answering it, verify package delivery and so much more. Of course, adding video in other areas of the home will provide more benefits. 

Video Verification Ensures You Receive All the Benefits 

Without video verification, the benefits of a home security system may become a much shorter list. If the central monitoring team doesn’t have visual proof of a break in, your valuable are not going to be protected as well. The police will likely not respond or may not be as quick due to the high volume of false alarms. This becomes especially true after you’ve had a false alarm or two. In fact, you could end up paying a fine if you have too many false alarms. 

When there’s no video verification, a false alarm will often trigger a call to the authorities. This happens far too often and makes it hard for the police to take these calls seriously. However, when an operator can tell the police there’s video evidence of a break in, they take it seriously. 

In addition, when you go to make an insurance claim, you’ll actually gain the benefit of being able to prove what was taken. The video, if placed properly in your home, will show the items taken, which makes your claim much harder to dispute.  

Greater Peace of Mind 

A typical home security system certainly allows for a certain level of protection and peace of mind. However, until video verification came along, the system was a bit flawed. Now, it has become far better and adding video verification to your home security system offers greater peace of mind. 

You no longer have to worry as the system will do the job of protecting your home and the monitoring team will have everything they need to make the right decision. Nobody will blow off your alarm due to a high number of false alarms, as the video evidence will show exactly what’s really going on. In addition, with video proof, the chances of recovery are far better.  

A complete home security system needs fire protection, environmental protection, theft protection, carbon monoxide protection, video surveillance and video verification. Without the full package it’s like having a hole in your security that could be exploited. With video verification, you’ll have nothing to worry about. You can relax knowing your home and family will be protected 24/7.  Call today for a free consultation:  973.335.3931


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