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NJ home security trends

Every year, the trends in home security tend to change. With new technology, improvements to old technology and homeowners looking for better security, the innovations seem to never cease.  

This year is no different. In 2018, there are plenty of new innovations expected to take over the home security space. Many homeowners will find peace of mind with new technologies and new conveniences. Here’s a look at the top five home security trends to expect for 2018. 

The App-Based Security System Will Take Over 

This trend has already started to become a real thing. Many app-based home security systems have become a stable in households across the country. Homeowners want complete control over their house and the security system they use for it. 

In 2018, this trend will only continue to grow. App-based smart home security systems offer many advantages and conveniences to the user, which makes them very appealing. In addition, these types of systems have the ability to continue to evolve to fit the needs of the homeowner. 

Parents love the ability to unlock doors for children when they arrive home from school, while still keeping certain alarm features activated. It’s also helpful for those receiving packages or just looking to keep an eye on their home.  Call today to learn more:  973.335.3931

Better Service from Home Security Companies 

It used to be, if you wanted a home security system, you called a company offering home security systems. They would come out, assess your home, make recommendations and install the right system for your needs. This wasn’t something you could do yourself. 

However, in today’s home security world, the security companies now have to compete with do-it-yourself options from companies, such as Google, Nest and a host of others. These companies often offer low prices, along with resources online to help with installation and troubleshooting. 

Due to the competition from do-it-yourself options, many home security companies are expected to offer better service in 2018. This is the one area a security company can still compete and dominate. Since most home security companies refuse to use cheaper products, they can compete by offering incredible service. 

When you hire a home security company to assess your needs and install your system, you gain incredible peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about whether you installed all of the components correctly or if you miss something along the way. In addition, if there are any needed repairs, you have an expert to call.  

The other big difference you gain with a home security company you cannot get with the do-it-yourself option is the quality of the monitoring. The monitoring services offered will become your contact between the triggered alarm and emergency response teams in the event of an emergency. Make sure you choose a home security company with incredible service and monitoring or you may wish you never tried to tackle this project on your own. 

Security & Automation

Home security systems have been around for decades, but home automation is rather new. However, home automation has become a huge trend in the security industry because it has the ability to easily be integrated into your security system. 

More home security companies are offering packages including both security and home automation options. When you choose one of these packages, you gain the ability to manage your thermostat, turn lights on and off, unlock or lock doors, activate humidity controls, activate or deactivate some electrical outlets, control your home’s entertainment system and more.  

Security is still very important, but gaining the convenience provided by home automation has become a huge trend. Imagine having the ability to make sure you turned off the lights or even one of your kitchen appliances. This is very possible, and so much more is possible, with the right home automation and security system. Call today for a free quote:  973.335.3931

Child Safety Features 

Due to the growing number of children arriving home from school before their parents arrive home from work, child safety features in home security has become a huge trend. Throughout 2018, this trend is expected to grow even more as parents worry about their children being home alone.  

A good home security system will use specific features to give parents the peace of mind they desire when they cannot be home for the arrival of their children. The system can be set up to keep children from being able to leave the house without approval. It can also give parents the ability to look in on their children from their smartphone or computer. 

If you have children that arrive home before you, the peace of mind gained with the right home security system is truly priceless. Even if they just arrive home one hour before you, that’s one hour you probably worry about them non-stop. You can eliminate the worry with the right home security system with child safety features. 

Video Features 

A decade ago, most home security systems didn’t include video. However, the use of app-based systems, child safety features and the lower cost of video in today’s world, homeowners are nearly demanding video with their home security system. 

Video can be useful in many ways from simply seeing who’s at the door before opening it to checking in on your children or pets when you’re not home. While video isn’t used as much to monitor the inside of the home as it has been used to monitor the front door or other entry points, it’s become a massive trend. With the right placement of cameras, it’s possible to watch your home, no matter where you are, from your smartphone or computer.  

Since video camera technology has become better and far more inexpensive, it’s much easier for homeowners to add video to their home security systems. You don’t even need a tape to record, as these cameras will record directly to a DVR or even to the cloud. 

There are several trends expected to dominate the home security industry in 2018. These are just five of the most common tends already seen, which are all expected to grow throughout the year. 

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