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Making a college campus safe is vital to the success of the school. The students depend on the administration to keep them safe, especially with the added pressure from the public to strengthen college campus security.

Theft, vandalism, rape and many other crimes have happened on college campuses over the years. With the right campus security integrated solutions, your campus can be protected from possible crimes.

Not only do you need to protect your staff and students, but you also need to protect the buildings on campus. It’s necessary to add full building security, flood monitoring and other security measures to ensure your campus is fully secure. Securing every square foot is necessary in today’s world.

Video Surveillance for College Campuses

Installing digital video surveillance, especially in high traffic and discreet areas will help to deter crime. You want to have a full look at parking lots, court yards, retails stores entrance ways and other public areas. However, you do need to be careful with video surveillance on a college campus.

Choosing the right location for your cameras makes all the difference. Some of the areas on a college campus that should be under 24/7 video surveillance include:

  • Research facilities
  • Labs
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Power stations
  • Dorm entrances
  • Locker room entrances
  • Stairwells
  • Elevators
  • Large public areas
  • Parking garages
  • Parking lots
  • And other large public areas

All entrances to buildings should be covered, along with any large areas where students or visitors could congregate.

Cameras on college campuses are growing and it’s necessary to use specific best practices when setting up your security system.

According to Campus Safety Magazine, proper cameras can address lighting and coverage issues. With the right cameras, you’ll gain plenty of control to place the camera as you need. The right type of camera makes a difference, too. Using hemispheric cameras in hallways allows for an affordable solution with good coverage.

In other areas of the campus, IP cameras may be the best choice. These cameras have the ability to filter out unwanted glare and address issues from outside lights.

Ultra-wide dynamic range cameras work well for a 24/7 hospital on campus, as well. These cameras are great because they can help filter out the headlights from traffic and other lights to ensure a good picture.

Since most college campuses don’t want to make adjustment to the lights, it’s important to choose cameras that will filter it out, when necessary. Some cameras work better in low light and sometimes it’s the camera just needs to be adjusted to perform better.

Placing the cameras properly will also help to keep vandalism to a minimum. Cameras have to be installed higher up or they could become a part of the act of vandalism. Rugged enclosures are also necessary to protect the camera. Our security experts can help assess the equipment and placement that’s best to use. Give us a call for a free consultation 973.335.3931

Access Control for College Campuses

Along with video surveillance, college security needs to include access control. This is ideal for all entry/exit points on campus. You’ll be able to set up the access control system to allow students access to the buildings they belong in, but no access to buildings where they don’t belong.

The same goes for visitors. With a simple visitor’s pass, a visitor can get into the buildings they need to go into, but nowhere else. Access control can be used for dining, dormitory areas, library systems, bookstores, registration and more.

Fire Protection

No campus security system is complete without fire protection. While protecting you campus, students and staff from crime is vital, it’s also very important to protect the entire campus from fire. With the right systems in place, you won’t have to worry about calling the authorities if a fire does break out.

Fire protection can be fully integrated into your campus security system with full 24/7 monitoring. This allows response to emergencies, even when nobody calls the fire department.

What are Colleges with the Best Campus Security Doing?

If you want to set up the best integrated security solutions for your college campus, it’s worth looking at what the best colleges do for security. With the rise of college campus shooing, such as the Virginia Tech shooting, which took the lives of 32 people, it’s important to have the best campus security possible.

According to, Columbus State Community College in Ohio has the best campus security in the country. They use a system including ID cards for access to campus services and activities, along with text message alerts for the staff and students if an emergency situation does happen. Students are also not allowed to use the facilities after hours without a member of the faculty present. In addition, this college has a campus police force that will help with a vehicle lockout situation and provide an escort for anybody on campus.

Other top college campuses for security do the following:

  • Strict no-tolerance for alcohol and drugs on campus
  • Provide safety seminars and programs for students on self-defense, theft and rape
  • Silent Witness programs
  • Emergency Alert Systems
  • Help phones throughout campus
  • And more!

While the security system and fire protection are certainly necessary, it takes more to create a safe campus these days. However, a good video surveillance system will help to deter crime and make a campus wide alert system work even better. As soon as danger arises, the alert system can be set in motion. With the right cameras, danger will be spotted much sooner.

Protecting students, faculty, visitors and buildings on a college campus is very important. It cannot be ignored and must be done correctly. The top college campuses for security in the United States use many different systems including integrated security solutions including video surveillance, access control, fire detection and more.

The right security system can be fully integrated to notify all students and faculty if an emergency does arise. With the right solutions, it’s possible to keep crime and disaster from ruining the lives of those entrusting your university or college. Choose integrated college campus security solutions and you’ll be on the right path towards a more secure campus.

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