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Protect your business from environmental hazards with NJ 24 hour monitoring

Many businesses spend quite ab it of time focusing on the security plan; and for good reason. You want to prevent theft, robbery, break-ins and even vandalism. These all need to be addressed, but you cannot forget about the environmental threats that can wreak havoc on your business. 

A frozen pipe, flooding, sump pump overflow, too much heat and many other things can present huge dangers. The right environmental detection system will help to prevent the damage and keep your business running. This type of system can also include detection for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, which can really cause major issues for a business. 

How an Environmental Detection System Works 

When you have an environmental detection system installed, you will have monitoring on all of the systems used to prevent damage from Mother Nature. If the system detects any type of threat, it will alert the central monitoring station and the right authority to handle the issue. This is done very quickly to help prevent as much property damage and downtime as possible for your business.  

In addition to protecting your assets and property, an environmental detection system can help to prevent injury or even death. When this type of system is tied into fire monitoring and carbon monoxide monitoring all three systems will help to protect your employees, customers and guests. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing your business and your people are all protected with the right set up. 

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Dangers of Frozen Pipes 

If the temperatures drop below freezing and a pipe within your business bursts, it can be very costly. Just fixing the pipe itself can cost close to $1,000. However, if nobody is around and you don’t have a monitoring system in place, the pipe could burst and cause flooding. This could end up costing thousands to fix and could shut you down for weeks or even months. 

All pipes may be at danger of bursting, even if you take the right steps to prevent frozen pipes. You want to make sure you do everything you can to protect your business including insulating pipes with foam, using thermostatically controlled heat tape and installing the right environmental detection system.  

How Sump Pump Overflow Can Cost Your Business 

While the cost of having a sump pump replaced or installed can set you back a bit, the cost of dealing with sump pump overflow and flooding will cost so much more. In average, you will spend around $1,150 to have a sump pump installed. However, dealing with the cost of flooding when a sump pump isn’t present or malfunctions can be much higher. 

Not only will you need to pay to have the sump pump repaired or replaced, but you will also need to pay for repairs caused by flooding. Even if your insurance covers the cost, you could be out of business for a few days or weeks while dealing with the issues. If the flooding isn’t properly handled, the moisture could also cause mold, which can become very dangerous in your business. 

The best way to ensure you don’t have to deal with flooding or downtime at your business due to sump pump overflow is with an environmental detection system. This type of system will ensure a central monitoring station is alerted before overflow begins. The proper personnel can be sent to fix the issue before any further damage is caused, which will keep you up and running without missing any time. Give us a call to learn more 973.335.3931.

Threat of Fire Taking Over Your Business 

While the threat of fire from something inside your business is very serious, so is the threat of fire from something outside your business. Fire has to be taken seriously and a monitoring system including the best smoke detectors and 24/7 fire monitoring is the best way to go. With the right monitoring system in place, everybody can get out safely and the authorities will be notified much sooner, which means your business may be able to be saved before the fire takes over.  

Dangerous Gas Leaks and Carbon Monoxide 

Maybe the most deadly killer because it’s odorless and very hard to detect, gas leaks and carbon monoxide can cost your business dearly. Not only could they cause you to end up in the middle of a lawsuit, but you could also suffer the loss of customers, employees or even family members in your business due death. 

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer and it’s one of the hidden threats any business needs to be aware of. If you have a natural gas system, you need to make sure it’s properly monitored. Any gas leak can cause major issues within your business from fire to injury to death. Installing a complete environmental detection system with carbon monoxide detection will ensure your business remains safe. 

Combining Security and Protection into One System 

You’re worried about theft, and you should be, even if you’re in a good area of town. However, you also need to be worried about the dangers from human error and from Mother Nature. Since your business is your livelihood and the livelihood of all your employees, you need to protect it. 

With a commercial grade security system, you can protect your business from theft and break-ins. However, you need to combine this system with the right fire protection, carbon monoxide protection and environmental protection. Nobody is immune to environmental threats and they can pop up at any time. 

Mother Nature has the ability to wreak havoc on any business and it usually cannot be predicted. Whether it’s a large rain storm causing flooding or incredibly cold temperatures causing a burst pipe, you need to be protected. 

Protecting your business from flooding, sump pump overflow, frozen pipes, gas leaks, fire and all the other possible dangers will allow you to sleep easier at night. You need full 24/7 monitoring from a company with the ability to address every possible threat. Make sure you get the right protection for your business before it’s too late. 

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