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Fire causes thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries every single year. It’s a horrible thing to suffer through. The danger is real and your home could be lost to fire, if you’re not protected. 

Just about every fire-related death and injury is preventable. With the right fire safety and fire monitoring, you can protect your family, your home and all the things you own.  

Protecting Your Family from a House Fire 

When it comes to protecting your family, it takes a few things to gain true peace of mind. It starts with the right fire monitoring system, which we will discuss later in this post. In addition, you also need to ensure your family is on the same page with an escape plan.  

Getting out of your home quickly, during a fire, needs to be something you practice and plan for. While you may never have to use your fire escape plan, it’s better to have a plan and not need it than need it and not have it. 

A good escape plan will get you and everybody else out of the home in 30 seconds or less. It only takes a couple of minutes for your home to go from a small fire to completely engulfed with flames and filled with smoke. 

Creating an Escape Plan 

You want to make sure you have an escape plan that allows everybody to get out as fast as possible. You don’t want your children waiting on mom or dad before they start moving towards safety. They need to know how to get out of each room and they need to follow the plan exactly. 

Always choose two exits in case one is blocked. If the stairs to the lower level are blocked, you and your family need to know how to get out the backup exit. A collapsible ladder can be used for a window exit and if you have security bars on the windows, they need to be installed with quick release devices to ensure they can be removed quickly. 

After you’ve created an escape plan, you want to practice it. Make sure everybody in the family participates and put them in different rooms so that they know how to get out of any area in the home. Take this seriously and once you’ve practiced the plan a few times, make sure you revisit a few times a year to ensure your family remembers what to do in the event of a fire. 

You can also print out a floor plan of the house with the fire escape routes mapped out in red. These can be placed on the back of bedroom doors or in another area where they can easily be used in the event of a fire to help family members get out of the house fast. 

Take your escape plan seriously. An article from Popular Mechanics stated that, “More Americans die in house fires every year than in all natural disasters combined.” You don’t want to become a statistic. Create an escape plan and practice it until everybody knows it well. 

Increase Protection with Excellent Fire Monitoring 

Along with an escape plan, you also need to have the right fire monitoring. Just putting up a few smoke detectors won’t do very much. Many people can sleep through a smoke alarm and many fires happen while people are sleeping. It’s best to have a full fire monitoring system to ensure you don’t have to be responsible for calling the authorities. 

Seconds matter when a fire starts and it only takes a couple of minutes to lose your home and everything in it. With the right fire monitoring, the second a fire starts, a central monitoring station will be notified, along with the fire department. This could be the difference between survival and death or injury. 

When you have a professional install the right fire monitoring system you’ll have smoke detectors ready to ensure the alarm goes off the second a fire is sensed. The fire department will be on the way much faster than if you or a neighbor has to call 9-1-1.  

Fire monitoring protection gives you 24/7 protection for your home against fire. This means you don’t have to worry and you can gain the peace of mind you desire. These alarms also tend to be louder than store-bought smoke alarms. In addition, when a professional installs the system, you will have smoke detectors in the right locations to ensure the fire is quickly detected, you’re alerts and everybody can get out safely. 

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A Few Additional Tips for Complete Fire Protection 

Along with creating and practicing an emergency escape plan and installing the right fire monitoring, you need to be aware of a few other tips.  

Add Fire Extinguishers to the Mix 

Well placed fire extinguishers can be a life-saver. Often, you’ll have one in the kitchen and garage, but forget about installing one upstairs. This could be the difference between getting out and getting trapped.  

Not only can fire extinguishers give you the ability to put out a fire, but they can also be thrown through a glass window if you cannot get it open and you need to escape. Install extinguishers throughout the home and train your entire family on how to use them. 

Always Rescue Humans First, Pets Second and Belongings Last 

Things can be replaced, but humans and pets cannot. Worry about those living in your home before you worry about your computer, jewelry or other things. You may have an urge to grab these things, but you don’t want to do that. Instead, grab your pets and your family members and get everybody out safely.  

If you have belongings you want to protect from a fire, get a fire-proof safe to store them in. This will help to take away the urge to reach for them when a fire does occur. 

A few additional things to remember include: 

  • Stop, drop and crawl – Smoke rises and if you crawl, you will avoid the hottest temperatures and the smoke. 
  • Test doorknobs – It’s easy to burn yourself on a hot doorknob if you need to leave a room. 
  • Don’t Panic – If you panic, you won’t follow your emergency escape plan properly. 
  • Once You’re Out, Stay Out – Don’t go running back in for anything as it’s too dangerous. Let the firefighters do this when they arrive. 

Make sure you have a good emergency plan and excellent fire monitoring for your home. These two steps will go a very long way to protect your family from death or injury during a house fire. 

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