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Security systems are well-known with homeowners and help with preventing crime. However, they are not the only level of protection you need. An environmental detection system is another level of protection you certainly need to consider for your home.

With a security system designed to handle environmental monitoring, you’ll have less to worry about. This type of system will detect temperature changes, flooding and many other potential dangers within your home. If you want complete coverage and peace of mind with your home, an environmental detection system is a necessity.

What is Environmental Detection?

Environmental detection systems will help to ensure you don’t deal with any water leaks, high humidity levels, power failures, temperature changes and other environmental issues. If a pipe bursts or starts to leak, your system will detect the leak and will contact the central monitoring for you and ensure someone is on the way to fix the issue.

If the heat in your room stops working, the temperature can drop very fast. This can lead to a pipe freezing and bursting, which can cause all kinds of damage. If you’re not home to notice this, it could mean you come home to flooding, water damage and damage to irreplaceable personal items. With a low-temperature freeze alert device, part of an environmental detection system, you won’t have anything to worry about.

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Flooding can Cause Major Damage

Often, it’s not the major storm that causes the damage, but the flooding that comes along with the storm. When your home gets pummeled with rain for days and days, it can lead to a flooded basement or even flooding on the first floor. Water damage is one of the most expensive home threats and could end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars to fix.

Flooding doesn’t always come from huge rain storms, either. A busted pipe or leaking pipe can also cause flooding. You need to be protected from any type of possible flooding and an environmental detection system will help to ensure your home remains protected. This type of system adds a level of protection you need to ensure you can sleep at night, leave for vacation and live a normal life without worrying about your home.

More than Just Flood Protection

While protecting your home from flooding is vital, it’s not the only type of protection you need. A full environmental detection system will do more than just protect your home from flooding. It will also protect your home from other disasters, such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

According to an article found on between 20,000 and 30,000 people become sick every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States. In addition, 500 people die because of this deadly, silent killer. The worst part, more than 90% of the people impacted by carbon monoxide were in a home without a carbon monoxide detector.

This is an easy fix and you can protect yourself with a full environmental detection system. This type of home security system will include carbon monoxide detectors to ensure you remain protected from this odorless gas that can become deadly in a hurry.

What You Should Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is produced when a natural fuel, such as propane, wood, gasoline or oil is burned. It’s incredibly dangerous in non-ventilated areas, such as a dirty or blocked chimney. It can also build up in generators, barbecues, grills, space heaters and other appliances burning fuel.

According to one of the best ways to protect yourself from this harmful substance is with a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Ideally, these will be installed near the sleeping area. It’s also best to make sure all fuel-burning appliances and vehicles are not used in areas without proper ventilation.

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What to Know about Gas Leaks in Your Home

While carbon monoxide is deadly and can cause major issues within your home, a gas leak also poses a very serious threat. The right environmental detection system installed by experts in New Jersey will include gas leak detectors to ensure you’re fully protected.

A gas leak can lead to a house explosion, which becomes deadly if you’re stuck inside. You may not have any time to escape because it’s more than just a fire. In addition, it’s likely you’ll be passed out due to gas poisoning and could end up losing your home and your life.

Gas leaks do cause explosions, even in the New Jersey area. Old gas pipes can end up leaking, which can cause the smell of natural gas to take over the area. In 2016, residents in Patterson, NJ had to evacuate due to a gas leak and watched an explosion shortly after. Two homes were destroyed due to the leak.

Gas leaks are far more common than most people realize and they really cannot be tamed. Having your gas lines checked regularly is step one, but along with this step, you need full monitoring to ensure gas leaks are detected as early as possible.

Natural gas has the ability to spread very quickly and even the smallest spark can set off an explosion. With the right gas leak detectors your family will know before this happens and so will the emergency responders. You’ll have time to get out of the home and the emergency responders will be on their way immediately to ensure everybody is safe. These detectors must be a part of your environmental detection system. Call us today to get started  973.335.3931.

Getting Your Environmental Detection System Installed Today

A home security system isn’t complete until you’ve included every level of protection possible. While you don’t need to live in a bubble, protecting your largest investment and the place your family spends the most time is priceless. With a full home security system complete with an environmental detection system, you’ll have every level of protection necessary.

You don’t have to worry anymore about a gas leak, flooding, carbon monoxide or any other issue that could happen within your home. When you hire a professional to install the right system with full 24/7 monitoring, you can sleep easy at night.

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