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Asset Protection for Personal Valuables, NJ Security

Protecting your home is very important, but what about your expensive assets? Whether you own a business and you need to track vehicles or you just want to add extra protection to your expensive jewelry at home, the right asset protection will make a huge difference. While a home security system is a good start, it’s not going to protect you if the thief gets away with your safe, your jewelry or something else expensive that you own.

The right asset protection will help in this instance by offering tracking sensors that can be placed inside or on valuable items. If someone tries to move these items, you will be alerted and you will know where they have gone.

This type of tracking also works great for businesses when they need to locate larger assets, such as vehicles and equipment. The GPS transmitter will allow the business owner to find out where the assets are and make sure they are not missing.

Why Use Tracking Your Personal Valuables

The most obvious benefit when it comes to tracking your personal valuables is knowing where they are at all times. If someone walks off with an item, you’ll be able to find it. Even if your home was never broken into, you’ll be able to track something stolen by someone close to you or a party guest you would have never expected.

GPS tracking has become sophisticated enough to track even smaller items, such as jewelry or family heirlooms. When you can show the police where your item is, because it can be tracked, you make the odds of recovery much higher. While your insurance policy may cover the cost of the item, not all items can be replaced.

When police have the location of your item, they can make an arrest and recover the item you had stolen. This can also come in handy when it comes to luggage when you’re traveling. If your luggage is lost, tracking will allow you to find it very quickly and gives you the peace of mind you need to travel without worries.

Another great way to use GPS tracking is for your bicycle. Some bikes cost more than $1,000 and having your bike stolen is a horrible thing to deal with. However, with the right tracking device, you can locate your bike, no matter where it has gone. This type of tracking can also be used for skateboards, motorcycles, mopeds and many other items. Want to learn more? Give us a call 973.335.3931.

Why Use Tracking for Business Valuables

Businesses more commonly use GPS tracking for larger assets, such as vehicles and equipment. Not only is the tracking used to ensure the items don’t become stolen or lost, but also to ensure workers are using the vehicles and equipment where they are supposed to and when they are supposed to.

However, GPS tracking isn’t just for protecting larger assets. This type of device can be used to track smaller assets. Often, hospitals and other medical offices will use GPS tracking to protect sophisticated medical equipment and supplies. It can also be used for asset protection by jewelers, art galleries, auction houses, museums and many other businesses.

If you travel from trade show to trade show, protecting your assets along the way can be tricky. However, with the right GPS tracking devices, you can keep everything protected, no matter where you need to go.

Why Use GPS Tracking for Your Fleet of Vehicles

One of the most popular reasons businesses use GPS tracking is for their vehicles. These are expensive items they need to keep working properly and headed to the next job site without delay. There are several great reasons to use GPS tracking when it comes to your fleet of vehicles and here are some of the most important reasons.

  • Asset Protection – Of course, protecting your assets is the most important reasons. A GPS tracker can tell you where your vehicle is every 10 seconds helping to you keep an eye on any vehicle in your fleet. Whether it’s being used improperly when off-duty or has been stolen, you will know.
  • Protects You Against False Claims – Someone may claim that your vehicle had done something it didn’t do. If you know where it was, you’ll be able to protect yourself against false claims and lawsuits if they arise.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – With the right tracking, you will be able to keep your vehicles in good working order without as much maintenance cost. Some tracking systems can be combined with diagnostics for the vehicle telling you the engine temperature, the fuel level and other important information about the vehicle.
  • Saves on Fuel – When you track your vehicles, you can plan efficient routes to and from destinations. Then, you can make sure the vehicle stays on that route, which will keep your fuel costs down.
  • Better Safety – When you know where your vehicles are, you can better protect drivers as you assist them when they need help. You can also help to respond to the needs of the driver whether they need the police, have a medical emergency or just need to be towed. In bad weather, you will also have the ability to be helpful when visibility isn’t great.
  • Better Client Satisfaction – By tracking your fleet, you will also be able to deliver better for your clients. You will be able to keep them informed as to where the vehicle is and how soon they will arrive. You may even be able to allow clients to see where their valuable cargo is if you’re shipping or moving something for them.

Asset protection is important for both homeowners and business owners. Whether you want to protect family antiques, expensive jewelry, your bicycle or an entire fleet of business vehicles, it’s possible with the right GPS tracking system.

The Honeywell Total Connect system helps to allow you to track your valuables with GPS transmitters. You can use this wireless theft protection equipment with a computer, tablet or smartphone to make keeping track of your valuables so much easier.  Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

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