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When it comes to property management security, one size simply cannot fit all. Each property is unique ranging from single-family homes to duplexes to apartment buildings and more. Since each property is unique, the security solutions for your properties have to be unique, as well.

Not only do you need the right type of system, but it also needs to provide the right type of components. From video surveillance to tenant control systems to actual security alarms, you need the right protection for your tenants.

Rental properties may face unique security issues other than just break ins. When you have multiple units, a fire could cause damage to each unit, while a break in may only target one unit. Trying to use the same type of security solution as a homeowner would use may not work for your property.

Components of a Property Management Security

Some of the components of a security system designed for unique properties will be the same as those designed for traditional properties. However, the way these components are used and work together will likely be much different. Some of the common components used for property management security include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated notification systems
  • Tenant control systems
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • Smart locks, thermostats and lights
  • Flood and gas leak detectors
  • Video surveillance
  • Complete alarm systems

Not all buildings will provide a separate alarm system for each unit. However, using a sophisticated system with access controls, video surveillance and other type of monitoring can make a huge difference for your property. Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

Tips for Property Management Security

While a security system for your building can certainly help to create better security, there are other things you can do to help create a more secure environment for you and your tenants. It’ starts with the screening process and full background checks should always be used so that you know what type of tenant you’re getting.

In addition, you should always keep the lines of communication open with your tenant. When they feel like they can tell you about the possible security risks, you have the ability to address these concerns. You can even have a professional security company provide a presentation for your tenants to help with increasing security.

If you have a staff taking care of the property, make sure they are easy to identify. You want to make it easy for residents to know who they are and know they are maintenance workers, not burglars. Make your staff carry a photo ID and provide them with a uniform making them easy to spot for tenants.

Another good way to keep your properties security is to work closely with the local police. They can help with a crime watch program and keep you updated on the types and patterns of crime in the area.

How to Keep Break Ins Out of Your Properties

There are several ways to keep the break ins away from your properties. A few of the best ways include:

  • Allow Pets, specifically dogs – Many burglars are afraid of dogs and dogs bark when someone tries to break in. This is a great way to keep criminals from targeting your property. If a few of your tenants have dogs, you’ll be less likely to have to deal with break ins.
  • Install Good Doors – Flimsy, cheap doors are easy to break down. Instead of installing cheap doors, use solid core or metal doors with heavy-duty deadbolts.
  • Change the Locks – Anytime you have a new tenant, make sure the locks get changed. This should be standard practice.
  • Install Good Windows – You may not need to replace windows if they have the right locks. If not, you can replace the windows or the locks to make them more secure.
  • Install a Security System – Of course, one of the best ways to keep out burglars is with a security system. Even just a few cameras will help to deter crime, but make sure you have the right type of system for your tenants.
  • Use an Access Control System – Tenants feel safer when not just anybody can wander into their building. Make sure you have an access control system requiring tenants to buzz in visitors.

There are several great ways to prevent break ins with your properties. You don’t want to get the reputation as a landlord with properties that get broken into often. Keeping your property safe of break ins will help you attract new tenants and keep your current tenants. Give us a call to get started with a free consultation 973.335.3931.

Preventing Fire and Destruction of Your Property

When it comes to property management security, it has to go further than just preventing break ins. You have to take care of the fire, carbon monoxide, gas leak and flooding issues, depending on your property. Tenants should feel safe from fire and anything else that could harm them. In addition, you need to protect your investment.

A good fire alarm system with 24/7 monitoring will go a very long way. Compared to just picking up a few smoke alarms, a system with monitoring could save your building and your tenants.

If a fire alarm goes off without monitoring, you could end up with far more damage. It takes a tenant or someone else to call it in to the fire department and many tenants will assume someone just burned something on the stove. However, when the system is monitored, the call goes in immediately instead of having to wait for someone to call it in.

This could save lives and could save your business. A few minutes makes a big difference when a fire happens. It could be the difference between renovating one unit that caught on fire and rebuilding the entire property.

When it comes to protecting your properties, you need the right system. Property management security is very important and you have to make sure your tenants and your property remains safe. With the right system, you won’t have anything to worry about. Make sure you schedule a property management consultation soon so that you can make sure your apartments, condos or other properties are fully protected from harm.

Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

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