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The assets of your business are very important and need to be protected. When something goes wrong, there needs to be a plan in place for recovering your valuables. Asset protection should be taken very seriously and with the right smart business technology, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Tracking Assets

When you track your business vehicles and equipment, you’ll know what’s going on and when. Of course, this helps if something becomes stolen, whether by an employee or an outsider. However, it also helps when you just want your employees to be more productive.

By using GPS tracking, you can keep your employees in check. They won’t take your vehicle and go perform some type of side job or go somewhere they shouldn’t be going. Instead, they will do the job and show up on time because they know you will know where they have been and where they are going.

GPS tracking will also allow you to increase productivity. Even just one more job per day could make a huge difference, especially if you have a large fleet. In addition, you’ll be able to maintain the health of your vehicles by using GPS tracking. This will keep downtime to a minimum and make sure your drivers are working without waiting for maintenance to be performed.

Asset Protection with Smart Business Technology

Maybe you want to simply protect your equipment, valuables and vehicles from theft. With smart business technology, such as GPS tracking, you’ll be able to keep your valuable business assets completely protected. If someone steals a vehicle, piece of equipment or any other type of valuable, you’ll be able to track it and send the police directly to its location. This will help to increase the chances of recover and will even help with insurance claims.

With the ability to monitor all your equipment, vehicles and valuable you won’t have to worry about theft nearly as much. In fact, you’ll likely gain a discount on your insurance rates when using GPS tracking. Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

Top Benefits of Using Asset Tracking for Your Business

When you decide to let GPS do the job and protect your fleet, equipment and valuables, you will gain many benefits. Of course, you’ll be able to track an item if it’s stolen, but there are far more benefits than just theft protection. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of GPS tracking for businesses.

  1. Reduce the Chances of Something Getting Left Behind or Lost
    When your workers are at the job site, they may be tired and ready to clock out by the end of the day. Leaving behind a piece of equipment could be very costly. Adding GPS tracking to your expensive items will help to ensure nothing is left behind. If something doesn’t make the trip back, you’ll know where it is so that it can be easily recovered.
  2. Tracking Vehicle and Equipment Use
    Maybe you have employees running personal errands on company time, taking long lunch hours or using equipment for personal projects. Whether they are trying to make a little money on the side or just extending their lunch hour, it’s costing you time and money. With GPS tracking, you’ll know when someone is abusing their used of a vehicle or piece of equipment.
  3. Better Inventory Management
    If your business deals with expensive items, you can use GPS tracking to ensure your inventory management becomes easier and more accurate.
  4. Ability to Maintain Equipment and Vehicles
    When something breaks down, you won’t have to wait for the driver or equipment operator to call with a location. Smart business technology will allow you to send a maintenance team to their exact location quickly. This will help to save time and can keep you from dealing with costly repairs.
  5. Easier Insurance Claims
    With GPS tracking, you can easily tell the insurance company where the item is since you’ll have the location. This can help to speed up the process if you have to make a claim.
  6. Better Tracking of Asset Usage
    With better tracking of how and when assets are being used, you can turn a larger profit. It’s easy to maximize the vehicles and equipment for your business when you know how, where, when and for how long the equipment or vehicle is needed for a job.Many different industries can benefit from using GPS tracking. Whether you run an art gallery, jewelry store, construction business, hospital, medical facility or even a retail operation, the right asset protection can make a big difference. Even smaller assets can be traced with micro-GPS for better protection.
  7. Providing Better Customer Service
    For businesses using a fleet of vehicles, GPS tracking can allow for even better customer service. You’ll be able to give customers a better estimated time of arrival because you’ll know exactly where the vehicle is and when it should arrive. It’s easy to tell when a vehicle is stuck in traffic or when it’s simply running behind. With better ETAs your customers will be much happier and will know what to expect.Those using an outside sales team will also have the ability to create territories and track how long sales people spend with each customer. This can help with training sales people to better use their time to help ensure the customer is getting what they need. It can also allow for serving more customers, which will certainly help to make the customers happier. Since you will know how much time each customer takes up, it will be easier to serve customers by coaching employees to better use their time.

GPS tracking is one of the best ways to protect your assets, no matter the type of business you run. It’s a smart business technology allowing for greater asset protection when it comes to theft. However, you gain far more by using GPS than just theft protection. Many benefits are provided that will likely allow your business to make more money, keep customers happier and take better care of your assets.

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