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Security camera systems are one of the many choices you can use to help protect your home from intruders. There are several great security features you can add to your home to help protect your family and your valuables. Here are some of the top choices when you want to keep your home protected.

Home Security Camera Systems

With video surveillance, you will have a layer of protection you simply cannot get from any other security feature. Cameras may keep the criminals away just by being present. No thief wants to be caught on camera, even if they get away with your things. They know it’s easy to identify them from the video and they could easily end up in jail.

Security cameras have many other benefits since they can be used to monitor pets, contractors, children and babysitters when you’re not home. You can keep an eye on things without having to worry nearly as much about what’s going on in your home when you’re not there.

Home Security Systems

Standalone security cameras are great, bur adding them to a home security system is even better. With the right sensors on your entry points and good motion detectors, you can add another layer of protection to your home. In addition, the best home security systems will have 24/7 monitoring meaning the police will be notified ASAP instead of when you arrive home and realize you’ve been robbed.

Motion sensors can be set up to as pet-friendly options, as well. They can tell the difference between a pet moving around your home and a human. This means, even if you own pets, you can have the right security system installed to help monitor your home. Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

Keep Prying Eyes Out

While installing security cameras gives you eyes of your own inside and outside of your home, drawing your blinds is another good way to help prevent intruders from breaking in. This keeps the eyes off your things and they cannot see what they could steal. It may not make your home as secure as an alarm system, but it will certainly help.

Use Motion Detection Lights Outside

When lights come on, it scares away whatever caused the light to come on. A motion sensor light outside of your home will do wonders if someone tries to break in at night. The lights will come on, which will likely scare them away. This is just one more piece to add to your home security system.

Reinforce your Entry Points

Along with protecting the entry points with sensors and an alarm system, you should consider reinforcing them with solid wood or steels wrapped wood-core doors. Hollow-core doors are easy to break and won’t deter criminals. If the locks and doors you use are secure and heavy duty, most criminals won’t even try to enter.

You can also shield your winders if they are near doors by using Plexiglas to keep criminates from breaking the window to open the door. This is a great way to keep intruders out and deter them from even trying to break in.

There are several ways you can keep intruders out. However, the best way is with a full home security system, the yard sign window stickers and security cameras.

What You Need to Create a Full Home Security System

If protecting your home, family and valuables is important to you, it’s necessary to get the best possible security system. Not only will your system be able to keep intruders out, but it can also be set up to protect you from fire and carbon monoxide. With the right 24/7 monitoring, your system will be set up to fully protect you from anything that could harm you, your family or your home.

Start with Door and Window Sensors

The first part of your security system should be set up to protect the doors and windows. Sensors for the door will be pretty straight forward and will detect if the door has been opened. Glass break detectors are used to protect windows and will detect any breakage in the glass of your windows. You will also want a sensor for the garage door because it can become an entry point, if not fully protected.

Motion Sensors and Lights

Motion sensors are used to add more protection to the entry points and the rest of the home. While you may not put a sensor on every window, a motion detector can be set up strategically to protect any windows that you’re not using sensors on. IN addition, motion detectors will help to catch any holes in your system that cannot be covered by sensors.

The outside of your home can also be protected by lights with motion detectors as a part of your security system. These motion sensor lights will shine very bright and can be set up to detect only larger motion instead of just animals setting them off in the middle of the night.

Security Cameras

Adding cameras to your home will give you an extra level of protection. With the right placement, you can look in on your home when you’re away by using your smartphone. Security cameras come in many types including motion-activated, hidden and those used to deter intruders. Motion-activated cameras are popular as they will alert you if something sets them off.

The Control Panel

Of course, you will have a control panel, which should be easy to use and should be a touch-screen option. It should allow you to easily shut off and arm the system when necessary. The control panel should also allow you to alert the authorities with just a touch of a button, if necessary.

Yard Sign and Other Advertisement

Advertising you have a security system is half the job of keeping intruders out. When you choose a security system, it should come with a yard sign and possibly window stickers stating you have an alarm on the home. This will help to deter intruders from the very beginning.

If you want to fully protect your home, you need a full home security system. Make sure you have security cameras added to your system to give you the extra layer of protection you desire. Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

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