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Your business is running smoothing and everything seems great. Maybe it’s only been a couple of years or maybe you’ve been successful for more than a decade. Could you imagine losing everything due to the actions of someone else?

Business owners like to be in control, but you cannot control the actions of a criminal. However, you can be proactive and hire a certified security consultant for your business. Even if you’re a small business owner and you don’t think you’d ever be a target, you need to think again.

As a small business owner, you probably don’t need to hire a full-time loss prevention person since it will cost you more than $100K per year. However, you can get the help of a professional security team with a ton of experience at a just a fraction of that cost.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Certified Security Consultant

It’s not always possible to turn the security of your business over to an in-house employee. Often, they don’t have the time or they are not experts in security. The results may be questionable at best. You need a security consultant capable of providing you with everything you need without needing to be a full time employee.

When you hire a company to handle your small business security, you get the experience you need with all the benefits of a full-time expert on your staff. Some of the top benefits of hiring a certified security consultant include:

  • Complete Understanding of Your Needs – A professional security consultant knows how to select the right alarm system, components and additional protections for your business.
  • Ability to Maximize Your Use of Security Lighting – Lights can be a great deterrent for crime and your security consultant will know how to set up the right lights to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Select the Right Window Security Film– With the right window security film, your glass will not be as easy to break. This can help with smash-and-grab attacks or other attacks on businesses with windows as access points.
  • Complete Automation – Your security consultant will also know how to recommend the right components for complete automation of your system. You’ll be able to monitor your business from anywhere you can get an internet connection with automation.
  • Create a Complete Security Plan – With a professional security company helping you, it’s possible to implement a full security plan.

While you may be concerned about a break in, there are other protections you need for your business, as well. Employee theft can hurt your business, along with fire, a gas leak or carbon monoxide. Your security consultant will also provide the following for your business:

  • Complete Personal Security
  • Protection from Theft
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Protection from Environmental Threats
  • Visitor Management
  • And More!

With a certified security consultant backed by a full security team, you’ll get the peace of mind you desire as a business owner. Give us a call today:  973.335.3931

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Security Consultant in New Jersey

Protecting your business is something you should take very seriously. Hiring just any security company isn’t a good idea. You need to hire the right security consultant for your needs, from the right security company. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right security firm in New Jersey.

Know What You Need

Understanding what you require when it comes to security assistance is very important. You should do your own assessment first so that you know what to look for. If you don’t do this, you could schedule a security consultation without any understanding of what it takes to protect your business. The consultant you hire, if they are not great, may not make the right recommendations and you won’t even know.

Don’t Choose Based Solely On Price

When it comes to protecting your business, going with the cheapest option because it’s the cheapest isn’t a good idea. Make sure you’re looking at what will be provided and the value you will receive for the money spent.

Establish a Relationship

Go into the process of searching for a security consultant in New Jersey with a plan to establish a relationship with the company you choose. You want to establish a rapport with those working with the company and build a lasting relationship from the beginning.

Confirm Expertise

After meeting with a company and setting up a plan, you should confirm those working on your project and their expertise. This will ensure you understand the strengths of your security team and what you can expect.

Understand the Costs

You should have all the options laid out in front of you and you should look at the full cost of the entire project. When you focus too much on the hourly rate, it can blind you from the full cost of your security needs.

Gain Full Business Security

Your business needs to be fully protected from all threats. Without the right protection, you could be putting your employees or yourself in danger. Small business owners depend on the income generated by the business and cannot take any chances when it comes to security.

You need a full system complete with 24/7 monitoring to ensure complete business protection. An automation system for business security will go a long way to providing you with incredible protection. When you automate your system, you will be able to adjust many features from a smartphone or mobile device including:

  • Turn lights on and off
  • Adjust the HVAC settings
  • Authorize entry
  • Track assets with GMS
  • Track routs of fleet vehicles
  • Check security system functions
  • And more!

It may seem like just installing a simple security system will do the trick. However, many businesses go this route and find out later it wasn’t the right choice. You need the full protection of a system designed to protect your business from theft, fire and more.

If you want the best in New Jersey business security, hire the certified security consultants of A.C. Daughtry. We give you a full team of security and safety experts, along with the latest technology. You can sleep better at night knowing A.C. Daughtry has your business security covered. Call us today at 973.335.3931

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