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Best NJ alarm system for your home

When you start looking for the right protection for your home, it’s necessary to find a system you can trust. The best alarm system for any home is one capable of providing full protection from intruders, fire, carbon monoxide and any other threat. The components are not as important as the protection they provide.

Choosing the Best Alarm System for Your Home

Ensuring full protection for your home and family is vital. How would you feel if you went cheap on your security system and it attracted a criminal instead of deterring them?

While a sign in your front yard helps, many burglars are smarter than you might think. Cheap security systems can make you a target as criminals know how to get past them and they also know you think you’re protected.

24/7 Monitoring is a Must

Before you start looking at the many alarm systems for homes found on the market, make sure you consider the level of protection you need. Peace of mind only comes when you believe you’re fully protected. However, it needs to be more than a belief. You need to know you’re protected and can sleep at night knowing someone is watching over your home.

A full home security system will include fire protection, carbon monoxide protection, automation and 24/7 monitoring. If you choose a system without monitoring, you’re not fully protected. While the loud noise of the alarm seems like protection, you need more than just a noise.

Without monitoring, all you have is an expensive car alarm for your house. It might scare away a few burglars, but the smart ones will know what system you have and won’t even be concerned about the noise. They will get in, get your things and get out without thinking twice.

Wired or Wireless?

Another decision you will have to make is between a wired home security system and a wireless alarm system for your home. A wired system will cost more to install and it won’t be nearly as easy to install. In addition, if you move, you can’t really take the system with you.

With a wireless system, installation is much easier and it’s easier to take with you if you move. A wireless system also eliminates the ability for a criminal to cut wires and disarm your system. With a wired system, it may be as easy as cutting your phone line to disable the system.

Wireless technology is the right choice for protecting your home. It’s easier to install and provides a higher level of protection compared to a wired system.

The Right Components

You have many choices when it comes to the components included in your home alarm system. Commonly, window and door sensors will be used to help protect entry points. Motion detectors can also be used to help protect both entry points and the interior of your home. You can even use pet-friendly motion detectors so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pets out when the alarm system is activated.

Along with sensors, you can add security cameras to the interior and exterior of your home. These cameras can be used to spot intruders and alert you before anything happens. You can also monitor the cameras from anywhere allowing you to open the front door for your children when they arrive home or see a package has been delivered.

Not only will you want security components, but you will also want fire and carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors will help to protect you in the event of a fire or a gas leak. You don’t want to wake up to a blazing fire and have to be the one to call it in when the fire has been going for minutes.

Every second counts with a fire and you need more than just a loud smoke detector. You need your detector to immediately alert the central monitoring station so they can get emergency response personnel on the way ASAP!

The Right New Jersey Security Company

Not all security companies are created equal. Some use inferior technology or products, while others may not offer the same level of monitoring protection. You need the best home security company in New Jersey to ensure your family’s protection.

Make sure the company you choose uses the latest security technology and certified security professionals. The process of getting your home protected should be swift and easy. It should cause very little disruption to your life and the installation should be tidy.

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Home?

Some of the reasons why you should protect your home with an alarm system are common sense. However, it’s important to look at the statistics when it comes to home burglaries. Here are a few stats that might surprise you.

Burglaries Happen Most Often from 10am to 3pm

Imagine coming home from work to find your home’s nearly empty. Would you be shocked? A report from SecurAmerica, LLC from 2013 shows that homes are most likely to be broken into during the hours of 10am and 3pm. This is the prime time during the day when homes are less likely to be occupied, so criminals target your home during the day more than at night.

It Takes Less than 10 Minutes for Most Burglars to Get in and Out

Most break-ins take less than 10 minutes, according to the You Just Got Robbed report. If you don’t have adequate protection with 24/7 monitoring, your stuff could be long gone before the cops ever arrive on the scene.

Unlocked Doors and Windows Account for About 30% of All Home Break-ins

Safeguard The World reports that 2 million home burglaries a year are reported throughout the United States. They also reported that about 30% (more than 600K) of those burglaries included a criminal entering through an unlocked door or window. They also reported that 66% of those break-ins were residential and renters are just as likely to be victims as homeowners.

Without a security system, you’re 300% more likely to be a target of a burglar. In addition, the highest percentage of break-ins occur during the summer months, according to Safeguard The World.

Protect Your Home Before It’s Too Late

While these stats shed some light on why you need a home security system, they don’t cover how dangerous fire and carbon monoxide can be. Both of these dangers can take your home and family away from you in just minutes. Make sure when you choose the right alarm system for your home, it includes full protection from all potential threats.

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