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Sunday, April 23rd marked the inaugural race of the newly formed New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League. It was a picturesque spring day with well over 100 students racing and many more family members and coaches cheering them all on. From the first race plate pick-up to course tear down and the final awards ceremony, the day ran like well-oiled machine.

There are several scenes from the day that inspire goose bumps – the massive number of staged groups of students awaiting their start wave; the individual efforts as riders enter the finish line channel pumping up the grassy hill, digging for those last few pedal strokes to the high fives; the smiles and cheers each student receives after crossing the finish line; and the stories from parents about the positive impact bicycling has made for their child’s life.

The flow of events and festival atmosphere seemed to manifest of its own accord, but being founding members of the ‘core crew’ – the team of ten individuals who put the league into motion, we understand that the ease of the day is attributed to the countless hours spent over the last 2 years planning and addressing every aspect and possible scenario –  from gaining national chapter approval, holding sponsorship drives, documenting emergency plans to the exact number of snow fence posts needed.

It is a testament to the dedication and passion of the volunteers that made the inaugural race weekend a success, and we want to say “Thank you” to each and every one of them. We also want to acknowledge the 60+ walk on volunteers who pitched in with day-of duties like course marshaling, directing parking, supervising the feed zone and assisting the scoring crew.

As a Silver Level corporate sponsor of the league, AC Daughtry is also incredibly proud to have three employees serving as volunteers in the league:

Company President, Heather Kahl, is a member of the NJICL Advisory Board and is also a member of the “NJ Girls Rock” mentorship program. Vice President, David Kahl, is a NJICL Core Team member, and also volunteers as a member of the Advisory Board, serving as the Director of Development. Finally, Bogert Kisch, an AC Daughtry Security Consultant, is member of the NJICL Core Team and volunteers his time in the league as Operations Manager.

AC Daughtry is committed to contributing to events and groups that encourage healthy lifestyles in local NJ communities by investing in athletic events and leagues such as NJICL. We are honored to be the very first local corporate sponsor of the NJ League, and are extremely pleased to see a number of other businesses following suit.

Read more about the inaugural NJICL race:

Please consider joining us at the next race on Sunday May 7th at Lewis Morris Park. Follow this link to signup now:

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