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Ringwood Rumble mountain bike race hosts 210 athletes

A.C. Daughtry sponsors local event, staff promote healthy, active lifestyles.

April 11, 2017

Ringwood, NJ – A.C. Daughtry Security (ACD) was pleased with the turnout at the Ringwood Rumble mountain bike race held at Ringwood State Park on Sunday, April 9, 2017. It is race #2 in the Highland to Hudson Mountain Bike Series (H2h) [], and was presented by Team Town Cycle (TTC) [], a mountain bike team based in West Milford. ACD is the corporate sponsor of both the H2H series and TTC .

Over 200 athletes raced their bikes against one another on some of the rockiest and most technical terrain in the series. Although the weather had been cold and rainy in the weeks leading up to the race, the athletes were treated to warm weather and sunny skies on April 9th. Not all the trails had dried out, however, and so racers crossed the finish line with mud splattering their faces and bikes for iconic finish line photos.

Like other H2H races, there were 3 main amateur divisions that were further split into gender and age groups, along with male and female pro/open categories, for a total of 26 classes. This year, TTC also added an Endurance class, with athletes racing one another for 4+ hours and a First Timers class to encourage new athletes to try out racing. With this variety of categories, every athlete could find a distance and skill level appropriate for their fitness and expertise. Though some found the rocky terrain challenging and the fire roads demanding, the fast and flowy downhill sections were an exhilarating reward for all.

In additional to being the corporate sponsor, ACD staff volunteered their personal time and effort to make the race a success. President Heather Kahl, Vice President David Kahl, Bookkeeper Paula Stern, Chief Operating Officer Tom Gallagher and Security Consultant, Bogert Kisch assisted various duties from trail maintenance, course redesign, course marking, race day registration and course marshalling to post race awards ceremony and clean up.

David and BJ were also able to toe the start line in the Category 1, age 50+ and Category 2, singlespeed classes, respectively.  David won his race and BJ took 3rd, only a minute behind the winner.

ACD is proud to support events like the Ringwood Rumble as part of ACD’s commitment to philanthropy and promoting healthy, active lifestyles for its staff and community of NJ.

“For my own race, it was a pleasure to see the many familiar faces, and friends that I have grown to know and respect after so many years of riding and racing together. One hour and thirteen minutes (give or take) of race effort with an average heart rate of 171 beats per minute makes for a tough way to spend a Sunday morning! Still fortunate to be able to get out there and I wouldn’t trade it for a day watching baseball or football…no offense.”

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