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Carbon monoxide has gained many different names, such as the “silent shadow” or “silent killer.” These names have been given to this deadly toxin because it’s often too late once you realize what is going on within your home. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous and can cause both short-term and long-term or even fatal issues.

If your home ends up leaking carbon monoxide, it may end up breathed in by your family. It will replace the oxygen in your blood, which will lead to the starvation of your vital organs and the killing off of cells. If this happens, it could lead to death.

Part of what makes carbon monoxide so dangerous is the fact that it comes with no odor, color or taste. It can kill you within minutes and carbon monoxide poisoning claims a number of lives every single year. It will cause you to slip into an unconscious state or it may attach when you’re already sleeping.

Even Dangerous in Smaller Doses

A smaller dose of carbon monoxide can also cause issues within the body. Long-term dangers may be very devastating and may change the rest of your life. A smaller dose my cause symptoms very similar to the flu, but may lead to many long-term or permanent issues.

Carbon monoxide has the ability to cause heart problems, brain damage, cognitive issues, personality changes and many other issues. It’s very important to reduce the possibility of breathing in carbon monoxide if a leak happens at home or at work.

Using Proper Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

It’s not enough to have a carbon monoxide monitor that goes off much like a smoke detector in your home. This will only do so much to protect you. If you don’t hear it and get out quickly enough, you could end up with serious health damage. Even if you do hear it, there’s a chance you’ll assume it’s a false alarm since you cannot smell the toxin.

Many household appliances and other items can cause a carbon monoxide leak. Vehicles, furnaces, gas ranges, grills, stoves, refrigerators and other items using gas can cause a carbon monoxide leak into your home. Without the right monitoring, you may be at a much higher risk.

When you decide you need to add carbon monoxide monitoring to your home, you need to choose monitoring with a 24-hour central monitoring center. The alarm needs to ensure someone is contacted even if you don’t hear it or don’t believe it’s real. What if you and your family were asleep and never heard the alarm go off? Maybe the leak had been going on long enough that you were already suffering issues and didn’t even know it.

With full 24-hour monitoring, your carbon monoxide detector will alert someone immediately. This gives you a better chance to survive as help will be on the way. You won’t have to call anybody and you won’t have to worry as much because your alarm will do it for you. Call us at 973.335.3931 to setup 24-hour monitoring.

Protection from Gas Leaks

Along with carbon monoxide, gas leaks can also be very dangerous within your home. You need to make sure you protect your home and family from the possibility of a gas leak. If you use gas for heating, any appliances or any reason at all, you need gas leak detection monitoring.

If a pipe within your home isn’t sealed correctly or a valve becomes damaged, it could cause a gas leak to happen. This may happen slowly and could cause the air to fill with the fumes. Not only will this lead to the possibility of an explosion or fire, but it could also cause many harmful health issues for your family.

Natural gas has the ability to spread very quickly when it’s leaking in a home. It’s also highly combustible making it the perfect culprit for fire and explosion. You need the type of protection that will not only alert your family, but also alert the authorities immediately. This is a life-threatening situation and requires the best possible protection.

24-Hour Monitoring for Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas

Both of these silent killers can creep into your home at any time and cause major issues. You need full monitoring for both gas leaks and carbon monoxide to ensure your home is fully protected. The best type of monitoring and protection is often built into a home security system attached to a control panel. When any alarm within the system is tripped, a central monitoring station is alerted immediately and can make sure help is on the way within seconds.

In the event of a gas leak or a carbon monoxide issue, you need the fastest response possible. If emergency responders have to wait for you to figure out there’s an issue and make the phone call, it might be too late. In addition, it can be very difficult to get out of a home when you’ve inhaled gas fumes or carbon monoxide. Both can make you feel like you’re on drugs making it hard to comprehend what is really going on. Call us at 973.335.3931 to learn more.

Getting Full Protection from the Professionals

When you decide you want to sleep better at night knowing your home and family are protected, you need to hire a professional to help create the right system for your needs. With the help of a leading home security company, you won’t have to worry. They will know exactly how many detectors you need and where to put them to ensure full protection.

Buying a carbon monoxide detector or a gas leak detector on your own may seem great, but do you know where to put it? Do you know how many detectors you need for full protection? Plus, even with the right number and right placement, these detectors don’t do anything other than make noise.

A full system of protection is the only way to truly get peace of mind knowing you and your home are protected. You need 24-hour monitoring to ensure help is on the way in seconds and you need the ability to get out of your home before damage has been done. With a trained professional, the protection you will receive will not only alert you and family members, but it will also alert emergency responders. Even if you’ve already become loopy due to the gas or carbon monoxide, the emergency responders will have a better chance of getting you out alive.

When seconds matter, don’t count on a lower quality system for protection. Make sure your home and family are fully protected with complete 24-hour monitoring and the best carbon monoxide and gas leak detectors on the market. Call us at 973.335.3931 to setup 24-hour monitoring.


































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