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You may have heard of smart technology for homes, such as smart locks, smart lights and smart thermostats, but you can also get this same technology in your business. With smart business technology, you can increase the bottom-line, become more eco-friendly and run a more efficient business.

Whether you run a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, the right technology makes a difference. Imagine if you could cut your energy bill in half or turn on lights periodically throughout the night to help ward off criminals. All of this is possible and so much more with a smart business technology system.

Smart technology for your business goes beyond just automating the lights, locks and thermostat. It includes a sophisticated alarm system, along with the ability to track vehicles and use location monitoring technology. Here’s a quick look at the many features you can add to your business to make it smarter.

Smart Thermostats

Saving money on your energy needs, while keeping your business comfortable is certainly a win. With the right system, you can actually cut your energy bill by as much as 20% each year. Imagine what you could do with that extra money in the budget.

A smart thermostat can be programmed to change the temperature at different times during the day. You can even control it from a computer, tablet or smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time since you will no longer have to switch the temperature manually.

Smart Security

After you start saving money on your energy bill with a smart thermostat, you will want to add smart security. Your business assets are too important to allow break-ins bankrupt you. All types of things can happen when nobody is at your business, but break-ins can also occur with people there.

A smart security system will allow you to make adjustments to your security needs, whether you’re in the building or at home. You will also be able to monitor the cameras at any time and receive alerts, as necessary. Your business needs to be secured and a smart alarm system gives you the necessary peace of mind when you’re away. Give us a call for a free seucrity consultation 973-335-3931.

Smart Locks

A big part of a smart security system is installing smart locks. With state-of-the-art access control, you won’t have to worry anymore. You can unlock an exterior door without getting up from your office chair or even allow someone in to open the business from your home.

Smart locks also allow you to track the entry and exit times, along with deleting and adding user codes, as necessary. Imagine how your customer service scores would improve if you could provide immediate access for disabled patrons.

The right locks will also allow you to control each ne from your smartphone or tablet, as long as you have an internet connection. Not only is this a great security feature, but also a convenience for those times you forget to lock a door or need to let someone in.

GPS Asset Tracking

With a smart GPS asset tracking system, you’ll be able to monitor any vehicles or equipment you consider crucial to your business. Simply log in to your computer, tablet or smartphone and you will find the location of the equipment immediately. It could be half way across the country and you will be able to pinpoint exactly where it is.

Not only will you be able to track large and small items if they are stolen, but you can also track unauthorized use of vehicles or equipment. This technology may also come in handy for insurance claims, sending maintenance teams to specific locations and improving your inventory management. Give us a call to learn more 973-335-3931.

Smart Lights

Another part of making sure you save as much energy as possible and have the right smart business technology is the installation of a smart lighting system. With the right automated lighting controls, you will save money on energy bills, improve the customer experience and increase facility security.

Retail stores use this type of lighting to showcase products, turn lights off when nobody is in the area for energy savings and to create the right ambiance. You can control the lighting zones with just the touch of a button or set them on automatic to ensure they come on, go off or even dim at specific times.

Smart lights provide many advantages. Some systems give you the ability to use motion sensor lighting control, while others use an automatic time. You can even connect your lights to your security system.

Benefits of Smart Business Technology

Whether you choose a full system to make your business smarter or you start with just one or two features, you’ll start realizing benefits of smart business technology very quickly. Many businesses rack up huge bills every month for energy, which eats into the overall budget. Saving even one percent makes a difference. One of the biggest benefits of smart business systems is the energy savings and it’s much higher than one percent.

  • Some of the other benefits gained from smart business features include:
  • Deter crime, not just a benefit of a smart security system
  • No more keys, use codes you can delete at any time instead
  • Automation, make your lights and thermostats automatic
  • Better customer experience, light areas when someone is shopping, create the best product lighting automatically or even create a specific ambiance
  • Track down stolen assets, no more guessing where your vehicles or equipment has gone
  • And More!

There are several benefits to installing a smart business system with all the bells and whistle. Of course, even if you just start with a smart security system and a programmable thermostat, you’ll quickly realize how much smart features can benefit your business. Give AC Daughtry a call at 973-335-3931 for a free consultation, and find out if your business will benefit from smart technology.

Eco-Friendly and Business-Friendly

If you’ve been looking for a great way to help save the planet and benefit your business at the same time, smart business technology is the answer. There are several things you can do once or twice to help the environment, but reducing your daily energy use is something you can do 365 times a year.

Not only with smart technology for your business provide eco-friendly benefits, but it’s also very business-friendly. You’ll be able to better secure your livelihood, along with providing more padding in the bottom-line.

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