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All residences benefit from the installation of a security system, and this includes apartments and home rentals. Security systems of the past may have required complex modification of the electrical system or wiring. However, today’s lightweight options for alarm monitoring may be installed as a wireless system and may require almost no modification to existing structures.

Considering Alarm System Types

High tech proximity alarms, wireless systems, and video monitoring may be installed in any residence today and aren’t solely available to businesses and commercial buildings. An apartment dweller will often want to consider a wireless system as this option usually requires minimum equipment. The only aspect of such systems that requires some consideration is the battery life of certain devices. Setting a schedule to check and maintain the batteries that match the smoke detector is a good idea.

Choosing a Monitored System

Another aspect to consider for New Jersey home security systems is whether a system will be monitored or unmonitored. A monitored system is a terrific idea for anyone who travels on a regular basis and may leave his or her residence for any length of time. An apartment may represent an easy target for a burglar because people expect heavy traffic in such a structure and might not notice a thief in the vicinity. When discussing the terms of a contract for alarm monitoring, ensure that the contract length coincides with the expected length of time a person plans to live in the apartment.

Choosing an Unmonitored System

If a person doesn’t feel that a monitored system is necessary, a less extensive system may still offer some benefit. Home security systems may act in the same manner as a car alarm with a shrill noise that activates in the event of a security breach (such as a broken window or opened door). However, if no one pays attention to the alarm, theft could still occur. Letting neighbors know about an extended absence is a good idea so that alarm noise will be noticed.

Advantages of Alarm Installation

Many apartment complexes today require residents to possess rental insurance (a good idea even if it’s not required). An insurance company may offer lower rates on a policy if a resident installs a security system. The system usually doesn’t need to be an expensive installation, as any type of monitoring will reduce the cost of a rental insurance premium.

Cost Effective Theft Prevention

There are many modern systems available today that may be purchased and installed as a “do-it-yourself” project as well as cost-effective systems that require a minimal installation fee. A resident may also consider installing a simple system and purchasing upgrades over time. For anyone who hasn’t used a security system before, beginning with simple options like motion sensors is a great place to start.

Renters should always consider installation of home security systems. Even the minimal protection of a simple proximity alarm or an exterior light that illuminates when a visitor approaches the door may provide peace of mind and security for an apartment dweller.

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