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When deciding to install a home security system, be sure to choose from security companies in New Jersey that offer video surveillance and have extensive training on where to mount and aim cameras. Siting a surveillance camera is a critical part of the technology and proper siting can also act as a crime deterrent.

According to a recent Yahoo Homes Article , there are many reasons these security systems, including the cameras that come with them, are key to protecting your home.The article points out that burglars are constantly looking for “soft targets,” making it increasingly more important to lock down your home.

Mount Most Cameras to be Seen

Most of the video surveillance cameras installed at a home should be in plain sight. Visible cameras are a visible warning to potential thieves, vandals and intruders that they are being watched. Use hidden cameras for the purposes of monitoring the activities of nannies, babysitters, cleaning personnel and any workers, vendors or utility personnel that may have access to your home.

Choose Locations Out of Reach

Keeping cameras out of reach prevents them from being disabled by such methods as cutting cables or using spray paint or tape to block the lens. Cameras within reach can be approached from a blind spot and disabled. It would be much more difficult to avoid the lens of a camera that requires a ladder to reach. Cameras mounted higher also present a wider field of view.

Absolutely Have a Camera at the Front Door

The front door of a home is the primary access point used by home invaders and other criminals. This is one location where it is good to have the home security alarm installation company install both a visible and hidden camera. The visible camera catches the attention of criminals and deters their plans. The hidden camera should be placed for the best view to acquire facial recognition footage for home owners to use when deciding whether or not to answer the door and for authorities to use if needed.

Mount Cameras to Monitor Other Entrances

The most effective security companies in New Jersey are experienced at getting the best video surveillance coverage using the smallest number of cameras. Whereas a casino is likely to have thousands of cameras installed, a home is most likely going to have only a few. Still, all entrances should be monitored. Depending on the layout of the home, one camera may be able to monitor more than one entrance. Pan, tilt and zoom capable cameras can have their positions and fields of view changed from a remote control inside the house. Some cameras can track and follow movement detected within their fields of view.

Monitor High Risk Areas

Vehicles, boats, barbecue grills, furniture and other items kept outdoors as well as detached garages and storage sheds are prime targets for criminals. Cameras should be used to constantly monitor and record any activity near such objects and in these areas. Modern cameras are capable of seeing in total darkness out to a long distance depending on the power of the infrared emitters used to invisibly light up the night.

Most cameras made today are tiny, weatherproof and fit in with most any design scheme or decor. They are also much less expensive and more capable than their older generation counterparts. Most anyone can recall seeing blurry surveillance footage and images used in news reports attempting to catch a criminal, but cameras today are available in full color in resolution great enough to work with facial recognition software. Also, the video surveillance footage is now stored on digital video recorders using computer hard drives instead of obsolete videotape. The good news is that all of this advanced technology is available and affordable to home owners.

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