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Packing up for a vacation can be a hectic affair. In the midst of it all, it’s easy to forget to lock a door or latch a window. Many a family holiday has been spoiled due to the constant worry about the safety and security of one’s home. To put all those worries to rest, installing a home alarm system would be a very good idea. There are numerous New Jersey security companies that will allow you to relax when you are away, because they make sure that all is safe and sound back home.

Honeywell is a big name associated with New Jersey home security and getting a Honeywell alarm system will ensure your home and its contents are safe and secure. In addition to informing your alarm monitoring company that you are going to be away for a while, there are a few other steps you can take to give the impression that your home does have people staying in it.

One of the first things you need to do is stop your regular deliveries – this may be newspaper, mail or any other deliveries that are left on your doorstep. Nothing says a house is empty like a pile of newspapers. Next, work on creating the impression that someone is at home. Have a set of lights timed to turn on and off each day at times that you normally would do so. Hire a neighborhood teenager to mow the lawn, take out the trash and stop by the house on and off. If it is the middle of winter or autumn, then make sure you have someone come by and shovel snow or rake leaves for you. This gives the impression that the owners are in and keeping their home tidy.

It is also important not to let many people know that you are not at home. Many of us tend to leave laundry out on the line for the duration of our vacation – it’s a common mistake. Another thing, make sure you do not mention on your answering machine that you are not at home. Instead say something like you are not available at the moment and that you will call back shortly. Checking messages and answering important calls is easy enough. If you are active on social media, which most people are, make sure that you do not announce to the world that you are going on vacation. Important people can be informed discreetly and privately.

There are also debatable means of ensuring your home gives off the image that you are there. For one, you could leave some of the drapes in your home open and the others closed. Curtains in rooms that are generic and don’t have anything too precious can be open and others closed. Similarly, you could choose to park one of your cars in the driveway giving the impression that you are ready to step out at any minute and drive away.

The electronic security of your home is best entrusted to established New Jersey security companies. Taking the time out to plan how you are going to ensure the safety of your home is as important as what you plan to pack for the trip.​

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