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When customers get home security alarm systems installed, they want to know the details behind how they work. One of the most pressing questions that customers have for New Jersey security companies is: What happens when the burglar alarm is triggered? They want to know how the procedure works from the time the alarm is triggered until the police arrive to handle the situation. Here is a look at the steps that take place when burglar alarms are tripped in a private home:

1. Alarm Is Triggered

When an alarm is triggered it sends a signal to your security company. Once received, the security company calls the customer to first ensure that it is not false alarm. If the customer verifies that it is a false alarm, then the alarm is cancelled and the system is reset.

2. Verification of Burglary In Process

If the customer verifies that the alarm is real, then the security company will call the police department to report a burglary in progress.

If the security company is unable to reach the customer when an alarm is triggered, it will operate under the assumption that the threat is real and report a break-in to the police department.

3. Dispatch Police Officers

When the police department receives a call of a break-in from a security company, they dispatch officers who are closest to the scene to investigate. It will generally be a matter of minutes for the officers to arrive at the home to assess the situation.

4. Police Officers Arrive

The first step for police officers arriving at a home in response to a break-in is to see if the home is secure. First, they knock on the door to see if anyone will answer. If no one answers the door, they do a perimeter check of the house. The officers walk the entire perimeter of the home looking for open windows, doors or signs of forced entry.

5. Enter the Home

If the police officers see an opening during their perimeter check, they will announce their presence and enter the home. Once inside the home the officers will move through the home to look for signs of intruders. If they discover intruders or signs of a break-in, then they handle the situation in accordance with police procedures.

6. Secure the Home

If the police officers see no signs of a break-in or intruders, then they will request that the dispatcher contact the alarm company to ask a key holder to come to lock up the home. If a key holder is not able to come to secure the home, then the police officers will do their best to secure the home before they leave.

These are the general procedures that will be followed by security companies when a break-in occurs.. Although these are the general procedures, they may vary somewhat from place to place. Customers should always ask questions if they have any concerns about how their security company will respond to an alarm at their home. Understanding the security response system is as important as knowing that your home is protected during an attempted break-in.

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